Author: Connie Beranek

June 2022 Cattle Projections

June 21, 2022

June 2022 Cattle Projections It seems that the beef industry has many hurdles to overcome and that race may not be a sprint but rather a long distance run. Many things come together when looking at the cattle projections for June. Market turmoil becomes an everyday discussion as we continue to try to source lower […]

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Baby, it’s HOT outside! For Calves, Too!

June 13, 2022

Temperature Humidity Index (THI) calculates the effects of both temperature and humidity. As we say in Wisconsin on those days when it’s miserable to be outside, “it’s not the heat, it’s the gosh darn humidity!” It takes extra energy to get chores done. Clothes are soaked with perspiration and it’s hard to drink enough water […]

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DDGS Breakeven Price in Swine Diets for June 6, 2022

June 6, 2022

  Price Corn $7.00/bu Corn $7.25/bu Corn $7.50/bu Corn $7.75/bu Corn $8.00/bu SBM $400/ton $254 $260 $266 $272 $278 SBM $425/ton $266 $272 $278 $283 $289 SBM $450/ton $277 $283 $289 $294 $300 SBM $475/ton $288 $294 $300 $306 $312 SBM $500/ton $299 $305 $311 $317 $323   The preceding table was generated using current […]

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May 2022 Cattle Projections

May 20, 2022

May 2022 Cattle Projections Feedlot projections continue to be tight pending your feed inventory and month of finish. Increasing fuel and cost of operations has led to an increase in yardage; you will see that pack facilities run with these projections are now done with a $.042/hd/d value. Grass, corn and silages all remain in […]

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Rumen Health During the Transition Period

May 5, 2022

Seventy-five percent of dairy cow health disorders such as displaced abomasum (DA), metritis, and retained placenta (RP) happen in the first 30 days of lactation. The onset of lactation puts tremendous metabolic stress on the dairy cow. The transition period, described as 21 days before calving and 21 days after calving, is one of the […]

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DDGS Breakeven Price in Swine Diets for May 2, 2022

May 2, 2022

Price Corn $7.50/bu Corn $7.75/bu Corn $8.00/bu Corn $8.25/bu Corn $8.50/bu SBM $400/ton $266 $272 $278 $284 $290 SBM $425/ton $278 $283 $289 $295 $301 SBM $450/ton $289 $294 $300 $306 $312 SBM $475/ton $300 $306 $312 $317 $323 SBM $500/ton $311 $317 $323 $329 $335   The preceding table was generated using current pricing […]

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April 2022 Cattle Feeding Projections

April 26, 2022

April 2022 Cattle Projections April feedlot projections continue to show more black than red throughout the columns. Even with a continual increase in cost of gains (COG) the live board supports the most current asking prices as long as efficiencies are maximized. Seeing dry matter ration costs in the upper $200’s and lower $300’s has […]

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Pre-harvest Protocols with Beta Agonists

April 20, 2022

While beta agonists (ractopamine) aren’t approved for use in cattle sold to all packing facilities, and they aren’t right for all situations (heat stress, too heavy of cattle to start with), they certainly do add additional weight and reduce feed conversion the last 28-40 days on feed. Given excellent returns such as this, with the […]

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Have you seen the price of milk replacer lately?

April 7, 2022

Anyone who buys milk replacer has certainly noticed the increase in the price over the last year. Compared to March 2021, the price of milk replacers have increased by $15 to $20 per bag! Some products are approaching $100/bag. These price increases cause us to ask, “should I feed whole milk instead?” and “how can […]

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DDGs Breakeven Price in Swine Diets for April 4, 2022

April 4, 2022

  Price Corn $6.75/bu Corn $7.00/bu Corn $7.25/bu Corn $7.50/bu Corn $7.75/bu SBM $400/ton $247 $253 $259 $265 $271 SBM $425/ton $258 $264 $270 $276 $282 SBM $450/ton $270 $276 $281 $287 $293 SBM $475/ton $281 $287 $293 $299 $305 SBM $500/ton $292 $298 $304 $310 $316   The preceding table was generated using current […]

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Maternal Nutrition Influences Offspring Performance

March 24, 2022

Most cattle producers understand the importance of delivering the right amount of quality nutrients to cows.  They balance for energy levels (body condition) and protein, and provide supplemental minerals and vitamins, recognizing that these are important for colostrum quality, delivering a healthy calf, milk production and reproductive performance. However, not all are aware of the […]

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March 2022 Cattle Feeding Projections

March 22, 2022

March 2022 Cattle Feeding Projections There isn’t a doubt that we all are riding the fundamentals of the cattle market and trying to outsmart the processors who continue to control cattle movement and thus drive price week to week. Chain space continues to hinder supply, a much needed commodity if we expect beef to start […]

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