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Form-A-Feed offers a complete array of forage inoculants to assure optimum fermentation, stability and feed value. In addition, we have a variety of other products to help overcome challenges in feed quality and digestibility.

Below is a sampling of the products Form-A-Feed offers.  Contact us today to learn more about our customized nutrition and service programs available to fit the needs of your operation.

TMR Stabilizer

TMR Stabilizer is a unique blend of four organic acids formulated to control fungal & secondary microbial growth and extend the bunk life of TMRs.  TMR Stabilizer will reduce heating and nutrient degradation in TMRs by retarding mold and yeast growth.  Use TMR Stabilizer to minimize reduced feed intake during summer weather by maintaining cooler, fresher feed.

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Pro Sile®

Pro Sile forage inoculants are formulated for all silages and high moisture ensiled corn to improve fiber digestibility, provide a fast, efficient fermentation, and faster pH decline, and improve dry matter retention and lactic acid production. Pro Sile contains multiple strains of bacteria proven to be effective throughout all stages of fermentation.

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TMR Enhance-R

TTMR Enhance-R is an additive designed to stabiliize total mixed rations and prevent feed from re-heating after it is fed. This product is formulated to maintain intakes, milk production, and compenents during summer heat conditions. It contains nutrents that improve the palatbility of feed, enhance rumen function, and improve appetite in lactating dairy cattle.

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Crop Cure

Maximize the nutritional value of your silages by treating them with Crop Cure® before ensiling to ensure proper fermentation steps. Crop Cure is a dry granular preservative for all silage, high moisture ensiled corn, and baled hay. Crop Cure works on a wide range of forages. Works on a wide range of moisture conditions. Works […]

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App-A-Tite is designed for use with out-of-condition forages, grains, or by-products, when molds are a concern. App-A-Tite provides a unique blend of flow agents, antioxidants, and B-vitamins to minimize losses due to these conditions.

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Concentrate: 73860-172

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