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Form-A-Feed provides beef products to fit all phases of beef production. Whether the operation is focused on cow/calf, backgrounding, or feedlot, Form-A-Feed has quality products to fit each operation’s needs.

Below is a sampling of the products Form-A-Feed offers. Contact us today to learn more about our customized nutrition and service programs available to fit the needs of your operation.

Form-A-Lic Tubs

Form-A-Lic tubs provide consistent, quality nutrient consumption in an economical package. Palatable Weatherized Solve a certain problem Premium nutrition Available in different sizes   BOVINE STRESS LIC w/STEALTH 5 For Stress – Off-feed – Reproduction Concerns: Stimulate appetite, reduce stress, and improve reproductive performance. High-energy, free-choice supplement fortified to meet the stress challenges of shipping, […]

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Hydro-Lac Provides Hydration and Energy Support During Periods of Stress.   Hydro-Lac is a palatable source of blended electrolytes, multiple energy sources, minerals, vitamins, and osmolytes. From this patented technology, Hydro-Lac provides the necessary nutrients to recover from the effects of heat stress, such as dehydration, and help restore animal health for better all-around productivity. […]

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The Tend-R-Leen program, first introduced in 1963, created the concept of low-roughage feeding for dairy and beef steers. Today, the program continues to provide the lowest cost per pound of gain, has fed over 10 million steers, and is the dominant leader in economic return for the producer. The program is based on obtaining market […]

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Stealth 5®Concentrate

STEALTH 5® Concentrate improves rumen function in 5 Modes of Action. Stealth 5 Concentrate is designed to be added to livestock diets to maintain optimal health and performance. This product is a source of dried yeast, yeast culture, yeast extract, and hydrolyzed yeast designed for optimal health in livestock. This combination enhances rumen function, interferes […]

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Show Day Show Feeds

Preparing for the show ring takes hard work and planning.  Show Day Show Feeds provide essential nutrients needed to help you gain a nutritional edge and to earn a place in the winner’s circle. Show Day Show Feeds products are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of each specie at every stage of development.  Show Day […]

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Beef Premixes

Form-A-Feed offers premixes designed for all classes of feedlot cattle.

Product code(s):
BF DIST FIN R-800: 32990-122
VFD BF DIST FIN R 800 T240: 32973-122
VFD BF DIST FIN B 800 AU-2000: 30070-122
Cattle FC Mineral B-1440: 30118-152
BF HI CAL PREMIX B-1440: 30123-132

Dairy Beef Corn-Co G-F RT

For improved feed efficiency and the reduction of incidence of liver abscesses. A medicated pelleted supplement for dairy beef cattle fed corn co-products. DB Corn-Co G-F RT is a pelleted supplement designed to be mixed with whole or slightly processed grains and corn co-products, and fed to growing and finishing cattle. It provides protein, minerals, vitamins and buffers for cattle on high grain diets. Contains Rumensin and Tylan.

Product code(s):

Beef Concentrates/Pellets

Form-A-Feed offers concentrates and pellets designed for all classes of feedlot cattle.

Product code(s):
BF 40-20 GRW-FIN R-400: 33002-322
BF Corn-Co-Grower R-600: 35954-322
BF Natural G/F 36-0: 34710-322

PowerPro Minerals

PowerPro Minerals are formulated to match grain and/or forage nutrition programs to a cow’s stage of production. Benefits: Yeast-fortified to improve consumption Chelated trace minerals enhance mineral bioavailability Selenium yeast-fortified for improved bioavailability and reproduction Mineral balance of copper to zinc for optimal performance Vitamin E levels to meet nutritional demands for late-gestation and calving […]

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PerFourMax Dairy Beef Premixes

PerFourMax Dairy Beef Premixes are designed specifically for inclusion in self-feeder mixes. Options are available with Rumensin and Tylan combinations and with and without urea to match the requirements of growing and finishing cattle.

Product code(s):
S & H Grower B: 32932-322
DB Fin 36-16 R-225 T-80: 32891-322
DB Corn Co G-F: 33002-322
VFD DB 36-16 Finisher RT: 32933-322

Grower Finisher Premixes

Form-A-Feed provides a variety of grower and finisher premixes for backgrounding and feedlot operations to meet different feeding situations. Premix options include natural supplements containing no urea or antibiotics, high-calcium, low-phosphorus, low-protein options to be fed with diets containing corn by-products, and urea and natural protein-containing options to be utilized in diets that require added protein.

Product code(s):
BF Natural G/F 36-0 Pellets: 34710-322
BF 40-20 G/F R-400 Pellets: 34710-322
BF Corn Co Grow R-600 Pellets: 35954-322
BF Distiller Finisher R-800: 32990-122
BF Distiller Finisher R-800-T-240: 32973-122

BF Starter #1 DX-227 w/Stealth 5®

BF Starter #1 DX-227 w/Stealth 5® is designed to be fed to incoming feedlot cattle at a rate of one pound per head/day as a part of a total mixed ration. This starter pellet provides vitamins and minerals as well as safe, easily digestible fiber sources to help incoming calves adapt to feedlot diets. In addition, this product contains Deccox to guard against coccidiosis outbreaks.

Product code(s):

Proficient 16% Calf Creep B-90

Proficient 16% Calf Creep B-90 is a high-protein, pelleted creep feed to enhance growth of calves on pasture. The added protein helps in providing extra frame to allow for the high finishing weights needed in today’s beef cattle. An ionophore, Bovatec, is included to provide coccidiosis control and improve efficiency.

Product code(s):
Non-Medicated: 32960-312

Scentinol Max Beef

Scentinol-Max Farm Pack is a natural product designed to support rumen and intestinal health and enhance rumen efficiency. This crumbled product provides natural essential oils, yeast culture and flavor enhancers to maximize animal performance and maintain healthy rumen pH and VFA balance.

Product code(s):

Rumen Perk with Stealth 5®

Rumen Perk is designed to be used when cattle are environmentally challenged or under severe stress situations. This product provides natural protein, chelated trace minerals, yeast culture, yeast extract, selenium yeast, ruminal buffers, B-vitamins, direct-fed microbials, and Vitamins A, C, D & E.

Product code(s):


C.U.E. is a direct-fed microbial designed to be fed to beef and feedlot cattle. This product contains 7 strains of live (viable) organisms, packaged in a heat-sealed, foil-lined bag that can be fed to all weight ranges of cattle to positively support animal health and performance. C.U.E. is available in dry-applied or water-soluble form.

Product code(s):
Dry Applied: 37620-175
Water Soluble: 37621-185


Hydro-Shield is a combination of our tested and proven products, Hydro-Lac and Stealth 5®, with an added source of the all-natural botanicals of AroMax™. Hydro-Shield supports lower GI health of starting/receiving cattle, pre-harvest cattle, and transition cows during times of critical stress where natural pathogen control and defense is beneficial.

Product code(s):


Hydro-Flexx provides essential nutrients to maximize the genetic potential of feedlot cattle. This product combines the patented formulation of Hydro-Lac® plus proven results of Optaflexx®. This combination results in improved gains, feed efficiency, yield grade and ribeye area, while maintaining quality grade and reducing the potential of dark cutting carcasses.

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Product code(s):

Pre-Heat Primed

Pre-Heat Primed is designed to provide nutrients that support reproductive function. It is recommended for use when reproductive performance is below par, or when maximum reproductive performance is of special value (Embryo Transfer or high-value semen). Additionally, this copper free formula can be utilized in beef and dairy cattle as well as small ruminants such as sheep and goats. The value of a pregnant female has never been higher. Give yours the best chance for reproductive success!

Product code(s):


App-A-Tite is designed for use with out-of-condition forages, grains, or by-products, when molds are a concern. App-A-Tite provides a unique blend of flow agents, antioxidants, and B-vitamins to minimize losses due to these conditions.

Product code(s):
Concentrate: 73860-172

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Hydro-Lac reduces my shrink, keeps cattle on feed and eating.

- Mark Giese & Vince Delmonico

Stealth 5 in tubs helps start calves easier and healthier with less stress. Stress Lic helped with the rate of gain and health of the calf.

- Jeff Ahrendt

We now pay more attention to our operation and are doing a much better job tracking our cattle. We appreciate the individualized attention to our operation that we receive from Form-A-Feed. They actually walk our cattle prior to making recommendations and take the time to discuss them with us. We are able to make necessary changes prior to items becoming a problem.

- Gene & David McClellan

Hydro-Flexx makes a big difference. I’ve noticed dramatic changes with our live weight. We’re getting about 0.5% higher dressing percentage. Cull cows also dress higher when fed Hydro-Flexx. Heifers used to ship 1350-1425 lbs., but with Hydro-Flexx ship at 1425-1500 lbs.

- Kohls Land and Cattle

Metabolic issues have ceased since we started using Hydro-Lac in the fresh group. Hydro-Lac works and it will always be in the ration.

- Stelling Land & Cattle

Cattle do well on Hydro-Flexx. The added weight is visible on the animals.

- Al Roe

I am a firm believer in Stealth 5 and so are my customers.

- Paul VanderWal, Dakota Country Feed & Seed

We appreciate the product flexibility and convenience offered with Form-A-Lic tubs. Knowing our cow herd receives a nutrient dense product with consistent intakes makes these tubs a great management tool.

- Polzin Embryo Center

I saw the improvement and added pounds when I fed Hydro-Flexx. Improved the economics of cattle. I use it when needed to help improve my cattle and I have seen results!

- Butch Olson

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