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Form-A-Feed’s mission is to serve the livestock production industry through innovative solutions, professional services and customer focus.

Our success has been built on the following core values which represent how we choose to do business:

First and foremost, Form-A-Feed values the entity of family. Founded by the Nelson Family, we continue to instill a "Family First" value in all we do - from our personal families to our Form-A-Feed family - including customers, dealers, Nelson Family Companies, co-workers and vendors.

We take pride in the fact that we treat every customer, every supplier and every employee fairly and professionally, as they wish to be treated. Our belief to respect each individual is key to the relationships we have formed, both today and those we make into our future.

We value ethical, fair, hardworking, educated and responsive behaviors that embody professionalism.

We value doing the right thing. Our employees are dependable, honest, trustworthy, genuine and consistent.

We value being flexible, creative, unique, and passionate about formulating new solutions that help feed the world.

We value the safety of our employees, customers, and products. We continuously work to do our part to ensure a safe and high quality food supply for current and future generations.

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August 2022 Cattle Feeding Projections

August 4, 2022

August 2022 Cattle Feeding Projections Cattle projections continue to be impacted by many things. While feed prices have started to look a little more favorable with lowered cost of gains, purchase cost of feeders has hit a new level of high. The amount of cull cows slaughtered, drought and cost of production have pushed our […]

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Get Tubs Out!

August 2, 2022

We are now approaching mid-summer and the grass out in pastures will be starting to mature.  If you aren’t already supplementing with protein lic tubs you might want to start considering that option. Forage quality changes throughout the season depending on moisture and maturity.  Tub supplementation is a good tool to fill in the holes […]

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DDGS Breakeven Price in Swine Diets for July 27, 2022

  Price Corn $5.50/bu Corn $5.75/bu Corn $6.00/bu Corn $6.25/bu Corn $6.50/bu SBM $425/ton $234 $240 $246 $252 $258 SBM $450/ton $245 $251 $257 $263 $269 SBM $475/ton $257 $263 $268 $274 $280 SBM $500/ton $268 $274 $279 $285 $291 SBM $525/ton $279 $285 $291 $297 $303 SBM $550/ton $290 $296 $302 $308 $314   […]

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Capture increased milking capacity in lactation. Weaned pigs were bigger and starting easier. Finishing pigs are calmer with increased weight out the door.

- Grass Ranch South

We appreciate the product flexibility and convenience offered with Form-A-Lic tubs. Knowing our cow herd receives a nutrient dense product with consistent intakes makes these tubs a great management tool.

- Polzin Embryo Center

Intakes are improved after calving from what we were doing in our previous program. Fresh pen milk is up and Hydro-Lac is the only thing we are doing that is different.

- John Warren

We have been using Pro Sile forage inoculants for many years to treat our home-grown feeds with the help of our Form-A-Feed nutritionist.  Our nutritionist’s service of checking and monitoring our feed is a huge asset to us.

- Twin Spruce Farm

I can see my calves swarm to the Stress Lic tubs when we put them in. Calves don’t lick ground or gates anymore, and they are healthier.

- Jeff Bremer

We are fully on the Form-A-Feed program. They have a wide spread of good products, all which have benefits for our operation! Form-A-Feed has the right diets in place for the whole operation. They’ll help in anyway! When commodity prices are at their highest, they put a lot of effort in so there’s still money […]

- Grass Ranch South

In the past we have struggled with some butyric haylage and Form-A-Feed’s Troy Brown pointed us to the right product to help ensure we didn’t have to deal with that again.  He has helped us with our forage program for years and continues to push us to get better as well as coach us along […]

- Tanner Schmidt, Jerseyland LLC

We started using the Tend-R-Leen 525 NBC product last year on our calves on pasture to make up a creep feed using our corn out of the bin so there wasn’t so much out-of-pocket expense.  We mixed it ourselves and used our seed tender to deliver it to creep feeders on pasture. We feel the […]

- Miller Ranch

We now pay more attention to our operation and are doing a much better job tracking our cattle. We appreciate the individualized attention to our operation that we receive from Form-A-Feed. They actually walk our cattle prior to making recommendations and take the time to discuss them with us. We are able to make necessary […]

- Gene & David McClellan


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