Cattle Feeding Projections for December 2023

Posted: December 15, 2023 | Written By: Tim Kinches and Allison VanDerWal, M.S., Form-A-Feed

Cattle Feeding Projections for December 2023

Click above to download the Cattle Feeding Projections, or find them below this month’s projections commentary.

As we close out the year, there is a new mood in the cattle markets. So far, December has had multiple large drops in live cattle future which has significantly impacted this month’s projections.  For colored steers and heifers, the projections have gone from hinting at controlling the profit and loss column with managing cost of gain in November to managing a true breakeven price the first few weeks in December. The Holstein market still suggests opportunities of profit by feeding Holsteins. Volatility of this market continues to drive home the importance of running an accurate projection and protecting your investment when you do fill a pen.

As the harvest and processing season wrap up, discounted protein and fiber sources are becoming available as economical feedstuffs. These can be great commodities to finish cattle and impact the cost of gain. To ensure you are getting the best out of these commodities, make sure you test these ingredients not only for nutrients, but mycotoxins, molds and yeasts. Got your hands on a good buy? Call your Form-A-Feed Representative on what to test it for as well as how to incorporate it into your rations and feeding strategy.

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