Welcome to the Staff Support Portal

Here you will find various support resources at your fingertips.  This portal is a gateway for the ever increasing mobile accessable workforce.  To benefit from the services offered here, you must be an employee, registered intern or registered consultant and must have been provided an account login username and password.

If you have not been provided these details, please contact the Human Resources Department for assistance.

Visit the Form-A-Feed Sharepoint Site as the hub for all your resource needs!


Visit the SCC Website for opening a Support Ticket.

Click the PANIC button in the upper-right corner of the screen.


Need Help?  Before you create a Help Desk Request look at some quick common solutions below:

  1. Want to prevent being locked out of your account when your password expires in 60 days?  >>> Setup Identity Verification Now (needed one time only)
  2. Company Passwords Expire every 60 days!! Has your password expired? Did you forget your password?  >>>  Reset Your Password Here​
  3. Need password ideas?  Take a look at these tips:   www.healthypasswords.com
  4. Did you forget the web address to the Nelson Family Company Intranet Portal?  >>>  Access the NFC Portal Here
  5. Are you looking for your Apps or Outlook Mail Online?  >>>  Go to Office 365 Online Here
  6. Need to get to Dynamics CRM Online?  >>>  Get to CRM Home Here BTW, on your phone CRM app, type in: https://nelsonfamco.crm.dynamics.com/
  7. Is your computer or device having a weird problem and your not sure what to do? First, Have you reboot your device? (this fixes a large majority of minor computer problems)


Are you on the phone with a technician? Is he or she asking you to download the TEAMVIEWER Quicksupport App?

SCC Hours of Operation:

​​Live Agent Hours of Operation:

  • 7:30AM – 5:30PM CT M-F
  • AFTER-HOURS SUPPORT – From 5:30PM – 10:00pm on weekdays or from 8am-noon on weekends and holidays call us at 763-593-3017 and press 5. Additional rates and charges will apply for support outside of business hours.
  • EMAIL support@sccnet.com – Please note email requests will not be monitored during the after- hours support window. Any requests coming in after 10pm, will be addressed at 7:30am the next day.
  • Voice Mail
  • ​Mission Critical Incidents: Contact your manager for additional options.

Get the TEAMVIEWER Quicksupport App

New employees

New employees to the Nelson Family Companies, here are some basic steps to help you get up and running quickly.

First, Take a minute to setup your account, password, and the ability to reset your own password.  You should have been provided your username, which is normally your first and last name together and whichever company you work for. (ex. jondoe@formafeed.com)  With that, and your temporary password, please go to:

Office Portal   and complete the steps to log in and change your password once, setup your country, timezone, etc and check your email, then

Setup Identity Verification Now  by providing your phone number to be used for self service password resets.  This service works with both cell phones and normal phones so dont worry if you dont have a cell phone.

Learn more at:

Learn Office 365   We recommend the Video: “Get started with Office 365 for business”

New Computer?  See Below 

These instructions may take up to 4-6  hours to perform depending on your internet speeds, but do not need to be completed all at once.  lets get started.

Log on to the desktop with your username provided by the Technology Services Team.  This should be FirstNameLastName@yourCompany.com

Some or all of the following may have been completed by the support team. If so, you should have been told where to start.

  1. Download & install Adobe Acrobat from here.
  2. Download & install teamviewer from  here.
  3. (IT staff only) install spice agent
  4.  Update windows and reboot.
    1. Click start, type “update”  and select ‘check for updates’ – finish & reboot.
    2. Repeat until it finds none after a reboot​
  5. Login to portal.manage.microsoft.com
    1. follow the prompts to add your computer to Intune.
  6.  Download & install our new support agent here.
  7. Login to Office Portal
  8. Download and install office365 (support staff may use “Client Apps – ODT16” to skip download)
  9. Open WORD and check for updates (click start, type word and press enter)
    1. Open a blank document and click on “File” then “Account” and “Office Updates”
      1. Reboot & repeat until it finds none
  10. Open Skype for Business & sign in. (click start, type skype and press enter)
    1. Be sure to check the box to remember password
  11. Open outlook & use wizard to login with your account.
  12.  From the Office Portal navigate to your OneDrive, and click “Sync”
    1. ​Follow prompts to start syncing OneDrive to your computer
  13. ​Open word, and set your default path to OneDrive
    1. ​Click file – Options.
    2. Navigate to Save tab.  one save path line clcik browse. naviagate to your OneDrive for Formafeed path and select it.
    3. Copy path for use in the next several steps.
  14. Open Excel and set the default save path to OneDrive for business.
    1. See steps from word
    2. Paste path from clipboard
  15. Open Powerpoint, and repeat excel steps.
  16. Open OneNote (click start & Type OneNote & press enter)
  17. Unpin unused apps from start menu
    1. Click start
    2. Right click on the following and select “unpin from start”
      1. Email, calendar, games, etc.
  18. CRM user? – download CRM for outlook addin here. www.microsoft.com/en-us/download
    1. when complete, you will need this URL to connect:  Http://nelsonfamco.crm.dynamics.com (copy and paste in software, type in phone)
  19. RDR user? – download RDR and install from here. (coming soon – intune portal push)
  20.  REBOOT

Setup an appointment for a tech to review your machine, add company fonts, etc. Also, an appt for the next time you are in Stewart, we can add a printer or two (sales bldg & printshop)