Cattle Feeding Projections for August 2023

Posted: August 17, 2023 | Written By: Tim Kinches and Allison VanDerWal, Form-A-Feed

Click here for the August 2023 Cattle Feeding Projections

Click above to download the August 2023 Cattle Feeding Projections, or find them below this month’s projections commentary.

As we continue in this cattle cycle, strong feeder calf prices followed by limited ready fed cattle are charging this bull market. Many have cashed in on record high fed cattle price this summer however, risk is never zero. Market analysts predict the entire beef system is expected to have larger reductions in the coming months on cattle and beef supplies. With that, currently money in the cattle feeding business is buying the right cattle. August projections show profits in calf feds that are marketed in that April market, as well as Holsteins. Losses are showing for yearlings but could prove profitable depending on marketing window and cost of gain.

Managing cost of gain will be critical to the bottom line as the feeder market continues to climb. The majority of Midwest cattle feeders are in drought conditions which has the potential to change harvest timing, quality, and quantity of 2024 feed stuffs. Maintaining finishing weights, dressing percentage and grade as August heats up will pay out in the long run. On the other hand, managing receiving cattle nutrition to set a group up right for the feeding period can have a major impact in the long-term cost of gain of a group. Have a conversation with your Form-A-Feed representative about nutritional aids, management, and farm specific projections if you are placing or selling cattle in the next month.

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