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Are you achieving and sustaining the full potential your operation is capable of?

Using our team approach to problem-solving, we will help you identify areas of opportunity on your farm. Through coaching, training, and analytics, we will help you and your team execute a plan to keep your operation moving forward.

Data & Analytics:

Our team of experts can provide you with the business fundamental metrics you need to determine the next steps to reaching your goals.

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  • MetaFarms Wean to Finish Tracking
  • Performance & Feed Consumption Analysis
  • Variable Cost Analysis
  • Sort Loss Analysis
  • Process Flow Analysis
  • Risk Management Planning & Forecasting
  • Financial Planning Facilitation
  • Succession Plan Facilitation

Coaching & Training:

We’ll help you set goals and keep your team accountable to those goals through training and coaching.

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  • Farm Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Farm Team Meeting Facilitation
  • PQA Plus Certification & Site Assessments
  • Common Industry Audit Preparation
  • Work Process Flow & SOPs
  • Weaned Pig Feeding & Management
  • Animal Health & Processing
  • Animal Care, Handling & Behavior
  • Marketing Management & Optimization
  • Facility Design & Management
  • Ventilation Diagnostics & Programming
  • Feeder Adjustments
  • Safety Training

Feed & Nutrition:

Providing economic ration strategies, inventory management, and feed logistics to help you meet your production goals.

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  • Budget & Diet Strategy Economics
  • Custom Basemix, Premix, & Micro Formulation and Manufacturing
  • Diet Formulation
  • Performance & Economic Modeling
  • Feed & Ingredient Use Forecasting
  • Feed Product Field Testing & Application

Our services are also available in Spanish!

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Capture retained and brought higher yields to our finishing hogs and keeps our sows lactating during the heat.

- Glacial Lakes Ag Management

Working with the Form-A-Feed team makes us feel like we are not on our own. The Form-A-Feed team is really good about getting out to our barns on a consistent basis. It’s helpful to have the team tell us what to expect based on what they are seeing in the industry. The service always continues along with the product.

- Hokeness Grain & Livestock

The pigs are doing great on Wean Defense. They drink more water, eat more feed and have less problems. The product does what it’s supposed to do. It works.

- Brandon DeBoer