Cattle Feeding Projections for January 2024

Posted: January 19, 2024 | Written By: Allison VanDerWal, M.S. and Tim Kinches - Form-A-Feed

Cattle Feeding Projections for January 2024

Click above to download the Cattle Feeding Projections, or find them below this month’s projections commentary.

Happy New Year and welcome to another month of uncertainty in the beef markets. Volatility in the market is still causing some uneasiness in the country and I think that is evident in this month’s projection. Much like last month, there is a lot of red in colored steers and heifers. Holsteins, particularly high performing groups, are showing some possibility for profit this month and continue to be an option to fill an empty pen.  Given the unpredictability of this market whether you are placing Holsteins or colors, make sure you run an accurate projection that reflects your operations and if you do decide to look at higher risk cattle understand their risks and how they will affect the feeding period and breakeven.

The New Year has brought a new weather pattern. The calm warm end of the year has quickly transitioned into a cold and snowy January. As the weather changes, make sure you are ready for it. Rule of thumb is for every one degree below 20 Degrees Fahrenheit, cattle’s maintenance requirement increases by 1%. To help mitigate these winter effects add wind breaks, provide extra bedding, manage feeding time and outside stored feed ingredients. Talk to your form-A-Feed representative to make sure you are best prepared for the winter weather ahead.

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