Cattle Feeding Projections for October 2023

Posted: October 10, 2023 | Written By: Tim Kinches and Allison VanDerWal, M.S., Form-A-Feed

Cattle Feeding Projections for October 2023

Click above to download the Cattle Feeding Projections, or find them below this month’s projections commentary.

Last month we talked about a climb and this month is starting out with some downward trends on the feeder and fed cattle markets. Some of the conversation is around the uncertainty in this bull market, but I think the takeaway from this market shift is a reminder to protect positions as you start placing cattle this fall. This set of projections show a potential profit to protect in many areas. Given the slight downward action in some market areas, there might be money in native steers and heifers that are bought right and have a feeding strategy to try and hit the high market. Similar to last month, Holstein and dairy cross calves are showing the most opportunity for a profit either TMR or self-feeder fed.

As we get into the fall run, make sure you are prepared to start cattle. As forage harvest wraps up for the year, analyze your new feed costs before you run this next set of projections. Although feeder prices have started to come down, bringing in a pen is still a large investment. Smaller weight calves provide more opportunity to add pounds over a feeding period but tend to be higher risk. Reach out to the Form-A-Feed Sales Team about nutritional strategies to set you up for success. From our proven Form-A-Lic Respire Bovine Stress Lic tubs to our starter programs including Hydro-Charge,  Form-A-Feed has the tools to aid in a successful receiving period.


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