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Form-A-Feed provides swine products from farrow to finish. We will work with operations to find the product solution which best suits the operation’s needs and facilities. From concentrates and basemixes to low-inclusion vitamin-trace mineral packages, Form-A-Feed has the products for performance.

Below is a sampling of the products Form-A-Feed offers.  Contact us today to learn more about our customized nutrition and service programs available to fit the needs of your operation.

Smart Choice Sow 80 Premix

Smart Choice Sow 80 Premix is a vitamin and mineral premix designed to be blended with grain and SBM to make complete diets for sows in gestation and lactation. This product provides a dense formulation of macro and trace minerals, choline chloride, selenomethionine hydroxy analogue, TM chelates, vitamins, amino acids and phytase. Smart Choice Sow 80 Premix provides the highest quality of nutrients needed to match longevity and performance.

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Safe Choice Prestarter

Safe Choice PreStarter is a starter mini-pellet designed for transitioning young pigs to dry feed. Safe Choice is the right choice when you are looking for a starter product with the benefits of immunoglobulins (IgG) without the risk of feeding animal by-products. This product provides steamed rolled oat, dried whey, organic acids, selected microbials and yeast, organic trace minerals, and specific IgG’s to provide proper nutrition in one of the most stressful times in a pig’s life. Safe Choice should be fed as the first dry ration at the rate of ½ to 3 pounds per pig to improve growth rates, reduce stall-outs and early mortality, and ensure a quality start to the nursery phase.

Product code(s):
10627-212: non-medicated, 10217-212, medicated

Safe Choice Nursery Premixes

Safe Choice nursery premixes are lower inclusion nursery premixes designed to be mixed with corn and soybean meal to form complete nursery diets.

Product code(s):
Safe Choice Nursery Base 500: 10150-142 - 50 lb., Safe Choice Nursery 75 Premix: 10224-132 - 50 lb.

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Safe Choice Intensive Care w/Prohibio-R

Safe Choice Intensive Care w/Prohibio-R is designed to motivate intestinal tract development and transition young, lightweight, fallen behind, or orphan pigs to dry feed. Intensive Care provides many of the same properties as human baby formula milk proteins, cooked cereals, enzymes, acidifiers, sugars, and flavors that are both highly palatable and digestible for young pigs.

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Prohibio-R is a nutritional support product for pigs utilizing medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) and medium chain monoglyceride (MCMG) technology to address challenges that impact pig gut health. The natural compounds in Prohibio-R have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of pathogen infection via feed while minimizing pathogen impact in the gut and supporting immune function.

Product code(s):
10712-172 - 50 lbs.

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Safe Choice Starter Crumbles

Our starter crumble products are designed for starting young pigs on dry feed from weaning to 6 weeks of age. These products are designed to be mixed with corn and soybean meal to form complete starter diets.

Product code(s):
Safe Choice 1000 - AA Nursery Base w/ Defend-R: 13325-442, Safe Choice 1300 Nursery Base w/ Defend-R: 13820-442

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Pig Starter MX

Pig-Starter MX is an 1/8” pellet for pigs in a weight range of 25 to 50 pounds. This product provides added phytase, multiple organic acids and natural gut modifier to meet the demands of today’s swine genetics.

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SS 10 Phy VTM

A vitamin and trace mineral premix designed for sows and starter rations when mixed with salt, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, amino acids, soybean meal and grain. This product provides organic trace minerals, vitamins and phytase to meet the demands of today’s prolific and productive genetics.

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Smart Choice Grow/Finish Premixes

Smart Choice Grow/Finish Premixes are designed to form complete grow-finish diets when combined with corn, soybean meal, and by-product feeds. These products provide all the necessary macro minerals, amino acids, trace minerals, salt, phytase, and vitamins required by grow-finish pigs. Multiple options are available to best match your operation’s needs.

Product code(s):
Smart Choice GF 50 L Premix: 10313-132 , Smart Choice GF AA 60Premix: 10314-132, Smart Choice GF DDGS 36 Premix: 10315-132, Smart Choice GF DDGS 55 AA Premix: 10316-132

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Ham Maker 38%

Designed to be mixed with grains to make complete grow-finish diets. Ham Maker provides all the needed protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and phytase by growing and finishing hogs.

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GF 5 Phy VTM

GF 5 Phy VTM is designed for growing and finishing swine rations when mixed with salt, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, amino acids, soybean meal and grain. This product provides trace minerals, vitamins and phytase to meet the demands of today’s high lean and productive genetics.

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VilliPro® XL

VilliPro XL: Natural Oregano & Organic Acids for a Healthy Gut Villipro XL is a natural oregano-based feed ingredient combined […]

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Liberate XL

Liberate XL is designed to be fed to growing and finishing swine consuming both traditional corn-soy diets or diets including […]

Product code(s):

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App-A-Tite SW Concentrate

App-A-Tite SW Concentrate is designed for use with out-of-condition grains or by-products when molds are a concern. App-A-Tite SW Concentrate provides a unique blend of flow agents and antioxidants to minimize losses due to these conditions.

Product code(s):
73860-172 - 50 lb. bag

Wean Defense

The transition from sow’s milk to dry feed is one of the most stressful periods of a pig’s life.  Freshly […]

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Capture is specifically formulated to provide the essential nutrients, electrolytes and sugars necessary for market hogs to maintain body fluid […]

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Chomp is a blend of nutritional ingredients which aims to reduce biting and vice behaviors in high-activity pigs. While the cause of biting behaviors is typically multifactorial, Chomp offers you a comprehensive nutritional tool to put a stop to these vices and begin the recovery process. Rather than relying upon one active ingredient or mode of action, Chomp uses a unique blend of functional ingredients to return afflicted pigs to optimal performance.

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Restore GI

Restore GI is designed for nursing piglets or newly weaned pigs that have gut issues such as looseness and/or scours. This product contains various starch sources to aid the digestive system as well as electrolytes to help pigs recover faster from gut issues.

Product code(s):
10958-173 - 25 lb. bag


Respiratory disease is the leading cause of mortality in the U.S. swine herd and is caused by an ever-changing complex […]

Product code(s):

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Rejuve is designed to be fed to nursery, growing and finishing pigs. This product provides organic acids which are a common, palatable acidifier used in water lines. Rejuve provides a convenient way to reduce water pH. This more acidic pH, in conjunction with a high dose of copper , is an effective method of helping control pathogen load. Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) promote gut health by feeding beneficial gut bugs such as bifidobacteria and lactobacillus bacteria. Rejuve also provides a water dispersible blend of essential oils. Research and field trials have shown that these essential oils help suppress the growth of E. coli, salmonella, and clostridium pathogens in the intestinal tract. Rejuvenate your pigs lower gut and get them back on the right track!

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Sow Lax Pack

Sow Lax Pack is designed to be fed to sows or gilts prior to farrowing and through lactation. This product provides yeast culture, buffers, direct-fed microbials, laxatives, and flavors to stimulate intake and help maintain softer stool consistency. Sow Lax Pack should be offered in the diet 3 weeks prior to farrowing and fed through farrowing.

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A palatable block product used as an aid to occupy and satiate pigs that may be tailbiting or performing other vice behaviors in response to diet changes. Dura-Block provides a reliable, cost-effective option to improve animal welfare by lowering stress and satiating pigs, resulting in reduced expression of negative vice behaviors.

Product code(s):
10376-727 40 lb. block

Show Day Show Feeds

Preparing for the show ring takes hard work and planning.  Show Day Show Feeds provide essential nutrients needed to help you […]

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Capture retained and brought higher yields to our finishing hogs and keeps our sows lactating during the heat.

- Glacial Lakes Ag Management

Capture increased milking capacity in lactation. Weaned pigs were bigger and starting easier. Finishing pigs are calmer with increased weight out the door.

- Grass Ranch South

Working with the Form-A-Feed team makes us feel like we are not on our own. The Form-A-Feed team is really good about getting out to our barns on a consistent basis. It’s helpful to have the team tell us what to expect based on what they are seeing in the industry. The service always continues along with the product.

- Hokeness Grain & Livestock

The pigs are doing great on Wean Defense. They drink more water, eat more feed and have less problems. The product does what it’s supposed to do. It works.

- Brandon DeBoer

On the  Form-A-Feed program, we have gained 15-20 lbs in finisher pigs going to market, using same days and a whole lot more! In lactation, sows are milking better with improved weights at weaning.

- Grass Ranch South

We are fully on the Form-A-Feed program. They have a wide spread of good products, all which have benefits for our operation! Form-A-Feed has the right diets in place for the whole operation. They’ll help in anyway! When commodity prices are at their highest, they put a lot of effort in so there’s still money on the table.

- Grass Ranch South

We have seen a great impact in our nursery weights and in lactation on the suckling piglets using Villipro XL.  Nicer, heavier weaned piglets.

- Grass Ranch South