Alleviate Respiratory Symptoms in Cattle with Form-A-Lic Respire Bovine Stress Lic

Posted: October 9, 2023 | Written By: Kristi Carpenter, M.S. - Form-A-Feed Nutritionist

The hot dry days of summer are behind us, and fall has officially begun. While some look forward to pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters, the change in season can be a stressful time for the beef herd. Calves are being weaned and co-mingled, cows are building back body condition from raising babies, and bulls have proven themselves from a successful breeding season. Those circumstances along with temperature fluctuations and diet changes can depress the immune system leaving the animal susceptible to illness. While our goal is to avoid sickness entirely, anyone who has raised livestock knows that goal is not always attainable. Working to be proactive with management strategies and identifying early signs of sickness will go a long way. Early intervention can help decrease the risk of secondary bacterial infections, severe illness and death. Respiratory disease is the most common during the fall months due to the aforementioned factors revolving around stress and weather conditions.

Form-A-Feed’s Form-A-Lic Respire Bovine Stress Lic has been specially designed to help alleviate the symptoms of respiratory disease in cattle. While Respire Bovine Stress Lic will not treat the disease directly, it aids in the recovery process through immune system stimulation and by using mucolytic and expectorant properties in the tub. Much like your own favorite cold remedies, Respire Bovine Stress Lic helps break up mucus and makes coughing more productive for the animal. By alleviating symptoms of respiratory challenges, the goal is to resume to a normal state of feed and water intake so that the animal’s optimal performance can be met. Complete with highly digestible protein sources, a fortified vitamin and mineral package, and a proven track record for intake consistency, Respire Bovine Stress Tub is the perfect tool to have on hand to aid in early intervention.

Contact your Form-A-Feed Representative for more information on this new, exciting technology! Now available in 125 lb. and 250 lb. tub options.

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