Cattle Projections for April 2024

Posted: April 12, 2024 | Written By: Tim Kinches and Allison VanDerWal, Form-A-Feed

high risk cattle

Cattle Projections for April 2024

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The news of Avian Influenza infecting dairy cows and two humans in the Texas Panhandle has caused uncertainty in the cattle market as of late. Consecutive days of both live cattle futures and boxed beef prices falling have set a new tone for the cattle market this month and they are reflected in this month’s projections.  Red spans most of the breed and weight ranges this month with high preforming Holsteins showing a little money in them. One of the biggest differences with this month’s projection is the uncertainty of the market that makes for a challenge to protect yourself if you do buy cattle. If you are looking to fill pens, this month more than ever it is important to understand your true cost of gain and the ability of how quickly you are able to protect the pen that you bought.

With warmer weather upon us, farmer feeders are beginning to think about field work. Before you get in the field this spring, don’t forget about the cattle you have on feed. Talk with your Form-A-Feed representative today about adding pounds in the late stage of feeding by utilizing Hydro-Flexx in your feeding program. Utilizing a beta-agonist will increase pounds sold and feeding in combination with Hydro-Lac will preserve carcass quality as those cattle go to market.

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