Introducing the 'Strong Team. Quality Milk.' Blog Series

Written by:Mario Solis Flores

Communication is one of the biggest problems when there are challenges with milk quality.  This series of blog post's from Form-A-Feed's Clockwise Performance Services team member, Mario Solis Flores will dive into the details of employee management and communication to keep Somatic Cell Counts in check!

In many of the farm calls I receive to assist any milk quality related issue there are a number of things that compound to create undesired results. Some of those things include milking practices, environment, labor, equipment, communications and management practices.

Communication seems to be one of the biggest problems when there are challenges with milk quality in the majority of the cases. A communication problem can be divided into two categories: the lack of expressing the expectations and a language barrier depending where our labor force is from.

In all of my 25 years of being involved in different livestock operations I haven’t met an employee who gets up in the morning thinking of going to work and doing a bad job or doing unreasonable things during a working shift. However as managers, business owners, or employers, sometimes our hiring practices fail to introduce new employees to our business philosophies, expectations or daily practices on how the job needs to be done. 


Depending on the farm or the situation, in many cases employees are just taking in the job; in some cases they receive an explanation on how to do the job, and in some cases they are put with a mentor employee who tries to explain at the best 

of their knowledge how he/she thinks the job needs to be done, and the end result is not what the management of the operation expected.

In defense of management in many operations, the lack of time available because of the different challenges they face in the day-to-day operation doesn't allow them to spend the right amount of time with the new employees to define the work expectations. So what can they do about it? 

In the next series of blogs entitled 'Strong Team. Quality Milk.',  I will be describing the most common areas and management tactics that create changes in milk quality and some of the available options to overcome these problems. Look for new blog articles to come on employee management and communication to keep your somatic cell count in check!