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Wean Defense

The transition from sow’s milk to dry feed is one of the most stressful periods of a pig’s life.  Freshly weaned pigs consume very little feed for several days upon entering the nursery, making this transition even more challenging.  When piglets consume little feed, they enter into negative energy balance and are highly susceptible to pathogens.  Despite the limited post-weaning feed intake, most piglets will still consume a sizable amount of water.  Wean Defense provides a water dispersible source of vital nutrients and health-supporting compounds to bridge the gap between sow’s milk and dry feed.

The challenges of weaning

When pigs transition their diets from liquids to solids they experience:

  • Diminishing maternal antibodies.
  • Loss of nucleotide-rich milk.
  • Environmental, bacterial, and viral challenges.

First line of defense after weaning

Wean Defense is a proprietary blend of functional proteins and yeast carbohydrates to help bind pathogens.  Pigs consistently start on feed faster, with less incidence of scours.

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