Safe Choice Nursery Premixes

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Safe Choice Nursery Base 500: 10150-142 - 50 lb., Safe Choice Nursery 75 Premix: 10224-132 - 50 lb.

Safe Choice nursery premixes are lower inclusion nursery premixes designed to be mixed with corn and soybean meal to form complete nursery diets.

Safe Choice Nursery Base 500

A swine nursery basemix designed for making complete nursery rations for pigs from weaning to 30 pounds in weight. This product provides organic trace minerals, organic acids, natural gut modifier, milk products, selected microbials and yeast to meet the demands of today’s swine genetics.

Safe Choice Nursery 75 Premix w/ Prohibio-R

A premix with amino acids and phytase for blending with soybean meal and grain. This product provides macro minerals, trace minerals, salt, amino acids, phytase, selenium and vitamins. Safe Choice Nursery 75 Premix provides a convenient, uniform blend for economical late nursery rations.

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