Liberate XL

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Libertate 4th Generation Enzyme

Liberate XL is designed to be fed to growing and finishing swine consuming both traditional corn-soy diets or diets including by-product feeds such as distillers grains, canola meal, or wheat middlings.  This proprietary blend of enzymes and antioxidants releases additional energy from traditional corn-soy diets and reduces the detrimental effects and performance drag typically associated with feeding by-product feeds. By enhancing the digestibility of amino acids, as well as simple and complex carbohydrates, more of these vital nutrients are liberated from feed ingredients. The result is improved conversion efficiency, enhanced performance, and great profitability.

Sell More Pigs – improved percent of full-valued pigs sold.

Sell Heavier Pigs – higher average weight gain and out weight than control group.

Improved F/G & ADG – field trials show improved feed efficiency and average daily gain.

Improved Release of Amino Acids – resulting in bigger ration cost savings.

More Profit – reduced feed cost and more pounds sold.

LIBERATE XL is the Advantage!  

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