Prohibio-R is a nutritional support product for pigs utilizing medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) and medium chain monoglyceride (MCMG) technology to address challenges that impact pig gut health. The natural compounds in Prohibio-R have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of pathogen infection via feed while minimizing pathogen impact in the gut and supporting immune function.

Prohibio-R is available in a Pak (50 lbs. – 10712-172), and is also included in select Safe Choice nursery products.

Reduce the risk of bacterial and/or viral introduction via livestock feed.
Remove the ability of pathogens to negatively impact gut health and performance.
Relieve the negative influence of pathogenic insult by reducing gut inflammation and improving immune response.

Prohibio-R is included in the following Safe Choice Nursery products:

Safe Choice Nurs Ph 1 w/ Prohibio-R – 13941-212

Safe Choice Nurs Ph 2 w/ Prohibio-R – 13942-912

Safe Choice Prestarter w/ Prohibio-R Non-Med – 10627-212

Safe Choice Prestarter w/ Prohibio-R MX 50 – 10217-212

Safe Choice 650 Nurs Base w/ Prohibio-R – 10613-442

Safe Choice 1000-AA Nurs Base w/ Prohibio-R – 13325-442

Safe Choice 1300 Nurs Base w/ Prohibio-R – 13820-442

Safe Choice Intensive Care w/ Prohibio-R – 10619-173

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