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Respiratory disease is the leading cause of mortality in the U.S. swine herd and is caused by an ever-changing complex of bacterial, viral, and environmental factors. In addition to increased death loss, respiratory disease causes tremendous financial losses due to lost performance (feed efficiency and gain) and added veterinary related expenses. While bacterial causes of respiratory disease can be treated via antibiotics, there are limited options to treat viral causes of respiratory disease.

Respire is a water-dispersible blend of essential oils specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory disease, especially in cases which cannot be treated with antibiotics. While Respire will not treat the disease directly, it aids in the recovery process through immune system stimulation and via its mucolytic and expectorant properties. This leads to improved feed and water intake, a shortened recovery period, and a rapid return to optimal performance.

Mucolytic & expectorant properties – breaks up mucus and makes coughing more productive.

Enhances intake – field trials demonstrated an increase in feed and water intake during and post-treatment.

Immune system stimulation – activates natural defenses to mitigate respiratory challenges.

Speeds recovery – alleviating symptoms of respiratory challenge allows for faster return to optimal performance.

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