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Capture is specifically formulated to provide the essential nutrients, electrolytes and sugars necessary for market hogs to maintain body fluid balance. Capture is designed to be fed to market hogs 10 to 28 days prior to marketing when hogs tend to be under significant stress due to pen space limitations, heat, sorting, and transportation. Capture is the all-natural solution to improve intake, gain, and conversion efficiency at the end of the feeding period. Additionally, this comes without a detriment to animal handling along with reduced transportation shrink and improved carcass yield. Capture is truly a one-of-a-kind product for hog marketing management.

Increased feed intake – pigs with a correct water balance and reduced stress consume more feed.

More Pigs Sold – shown to improve number of pigs sold, less mortality, more pounds of pork sold.

Improved Performance – driven by increased feed intake, enhanced gain with equal to or superior feed conversion.

Improves Handling – field trials have shown pigs are easier to handle during the marketing process.

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