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VilliPro is designed to be fed to nursery, growing and finishing pigs. This product provides a proprietary natural blend of natural flavors from essential oils and encapsulated organic acids. Field experience and published research show this combination suppresses pathogen growth in the intestinal tract. In addition, Villipro provides the preferential energy source used by the small and large intestine epithelial cells. This improves intestinal cell growth and provides more cell surface for nutrient absorption.  With a highly functional and healthy gut, performance and profitability can be maximized.

Sell More Pigs – improved percent of full-valued pigs sold.

Sell Heavier Pigs – improved average weight gain from wean to finish.

Improved Intake & ADG – Research proven to improve feed intake and average daily gain.

More Profit – more pigs sold, heavier pigs, VilliPro is an Advantage!

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