July 2020 Cattle Feeding Projections

Posted: July 28, 2020 | Written By: Heidi Doering-Resch, M.S. - Form-A-Feed Nutrition and Production Specialist

July 2020 Cattle Feeding Projections

It would be interesting to have a month where once again we could see all values in the black, unfortunately this month is not that month. With the cattle on feed report showing a surplus in cattle on hand yet, it seems it is still the packers call when it comes to supply and demand. Watching the live cattle trade, hopes tend to revive a bit, seemingly with the fed cattle purchase price, a lot of optimism remains for markets to correct and cattle surplus to run out.

Commodity prices have lowered with some timely rains and hay being put up. The cost of bedding and corn stalk bales has certainly dropped in addition to the seasonal drop in distillers price. This drop in cost of gain, however, is absorbed by the fluctuation in cattle market.

It remains that the cattle that have the lowest feed conversion will continue to allow for better potential for profits. Maximizing feed bunk calls, feed quality, and dealing with summer heat stress should be at the top of the list right now and into the fall as we continue to run tight numbers. Make sure you are utilizing the tools that your Form-A-Feed nutrition and production specialists have to help you stay as efficient as possible. Consider joining us for more of our teaching webinars as we have tackled marketing and look to tackle harvesting fermented feeds in the near future. All of these tips and information will continue to help put you in the driver seat as we continue to deal with tight and uncertain markets.

As always, for more accurate projections please contact your local representative.

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