At Form-A-Feed, our mission is to feed the world through professionalism, quality products and innovative solutions. Our team of nutrition specialists work together with you to customize a nutritional plan that is tailored specifically for your livestock operation. In addition to our individualized custom feed services, our Timed Event Nutrition (T.E.N.) products provide a unique solution for times of stress such as birthing, extreme temperatures or illness.

Founded over 40 years ago on the values of family, integrity, innovation, quality, professionalism and relationships, Form-A-Feed continues to grow to meet the ever changing needs of the livestock industry. While we have grown, our commitment to delivering the best solutions possible to the farms we serve is stronger than ever.

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VFD Forms

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Cattle do well on Hydro-Flexx. The added weight is visible on the animals.
– Al Roe
My calves grow great on PerFourMax Milk Replacer
– Jeff Bremer
Using Hydro-Lac reduced my shrink from 10% to around 3% on shipping heifers.
– Ponderosa Custom Feedlot
I am a firm believer in Stealth 5 and so are my customers.
– Paul VanderWal
My treatment pulls have been minimal since using Stress Lic tubs.
– Ponderosa Custom Feedlot

Recent Blogs

21 Management Practices to Keep Cattle on Feed During the Heat
Summer heat is here and with that comes all the extra work to maintain cattle performance. Aside from using Hydro-Lac® in your feedlot ration, what else do we need to worry about and be checking on during the heat to make sure ration consistency stays palatable?
VFD in the Swine Industry: Why It's Important to Track Antibiotic Usage
Antibiotic usage is a key issue that the pork industry will always face, and the pressures of it will only continue to increase in the future. With the Veterinary Feed Directive put into effect at the start of January 2017, many livestock producers are still adjusting, even swine producers. Any swine producer that doesn’t have a strong relationship with their local veterinarian, will struggle to acquire the feed-grade antibiotics they need to ensure their pigs are healthy and continuing to grow.
Making the Most of Your Hay
With early season drought conditions spreading from the eastern half of Montana, across the Dakotas, and into northwest Minnesota, finding high quality pasture and range land has been a challenge. With limited grazing resources, many cattle producers have been forced to turn to hay or other harvested forage much earlier in the season than usual. With hay prices expected to climb due to the increased demand, it is more important than ever to get the most out of hay through minimizing harvest, storage, and feeding losses.
Setting Your Fresh Cows Up for Success with Hydro-Lac®
Returning fresh cows to positive energy balance as fast as you can after calving is the end goal of any transition program. We do this by feeding a well-balanced, consistent particle length pre-fresh ration to maximize dry matter intake. At the same time, we provide a clean, comfortable, well-ventilated facility and try not to overcrowd this group. They calve and we repeat these same principles in the fresh pen.