At Form-A-Feed, our mission is to feed the world through professionalism, quality products and innovative solutions. Our team of nutrition specialists work together with you to customize a nutritional plan that is tailored specifically for your livestock operation. In addition to our individualized custom feed services, our Timed Event Nutrition (T.E.N.) products provide a unique solution for times of stress such as birthing, extreme temperatures or illness.

Founded over 40 years ago on the values of family, integrity, innovation, quality, professionalism and relationships, Form-A-Feed continues to grow to meet the ever changing needs of the livestock industry. While we have grown, our commitment to delivering the best solutions possible to the farms we serve is stronger than ever.

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Featured Products

Show Day First N Goal
Showday First N' Goal is a complete, high fiber, pelleted feed with several applications for show cattle from weaning to the show ring. Used to maintain show day 'ring fill' and hold intakes without giving up eye appeal or the benefits of fibrous feeds on show day, this product is great ...
Early Wean Calf Starter w/Stealth 5® & Aromax
NEW! Early Wean Calf Starter VP w/Stealth 5® & Aromax is designed to maximize genetic calf growth and promote early weaning. This product provides natural protein sources, essential oils, chelated trace minerals, yeast extract, yeast culture, B-vitamins, salt and
Capture is specifically formulated to provide the essential nutrients, electrolytes and sugars necessary to for market hogs to maintain body fluid balance. Capture is designed to be fed to market hogs the last 3-4 weeks prior to marketing when hogs tend to be under significant stress due to pen space limitations, heat, sorting, and transportation.
Technique Equine Mineral
Technique Equine Mineral is for all classes of horses. This product contains biotin, chelated trace minerals, salt, selenium yeast, Vitamins A, D & E. This meal form mineral offers the flexibility to be blended in complete grain mixes or offered free-choice. Product code: 64991153
C.U.E. Beef Dry and Water Soluble
C.U.E. is a direct-fed microbial designed to be fed to beef and feedlot cattle. This product contains 7 strains of live (viable) organisms, packaged in a heat-sealed, foil-lined bag that can be fed to all weight ranges of cattle to positively support animal health and performance. C.U.E. is available in dry-applied or water-soluble form.
Sile Tech Dry
Sile Tech Dry is a dry bacterial inoculant designed to aid fermentation when applied to all types of high moisture forages and grains. This product’s proprietary blend of lactic acid producing bacteria allow for faster initiation of as well as more complete fermentation. Improved fermentation will reduce the dry matter disappearance of ...
Lock N' Load
Lock N’ Load is designed to be fed to all classes of swine when feed ingredient quality is suspect. This proprietary blend of antioxidants and yeast culture work to support the immune system when challenged by these less than ideal feed ingredients. Additionally, Lock N’ Load contains a multi-carbohydrase enzyme blend which enhances the digestibility of feed ingredients, allowing for a reduction in added dietary fat while maintaining targeted energy levels. Lock down the potential problems caused by suspect ingredients and Load pigs with additional nutrients with Lock N’ Load. Product code: 10753-172
Scentinol-Max Beef
Scentinol-Max Farm Pack is a natural product designed to support rumen and intestinal health and enhance rumen efficiency. This crumbled product provides natural essential oils, yeast culture and flavor enhancers to maximize animal performance and maintain healthy rumen pH and VFA balance. Product Code: 71409-472
PowerPro Breeder-W Mineral
PowerPro Breeder-W Mineral is designed to be provided to cows during the breeding season. This mineral provides increased concentrations of phosphorus for breeding season and is also weatherized to reduce caking in wet and rainy conditions. Product Code: 33398-152
3760175 C.U.E. Beef Dry Pack
C.U.E. Beef Dry Pack


I am a firm believer in Stealth 5 and so are my customers.
– Paul VanderWal
Stealth 5 in tubs helps start calves easier and healthier with less stress. Stress Lic helped with the rate of gain and health of the calf.
– Jeff Ahrendt
I saw the improvement and added pounds when I fed Hydro-Flexx. Improved the economics of cattle. I use it when needed to help improve my cattle and I have seen results!
– Butch Olson
Metabolic issues have ceased since we started using Hydro-Lac in the fresh group. Hydro-Lac works and it will always be in the ration.
– Stelling Land & Cattle
My calves grow great on PerFourMax Milk Replacer
– Jeff Bremer

Recent Blogs

Vitamin Supplementation in Young Pigs
Over the last 4 to 5 years there have been more cases of sub-optimal vitamin D status in young pigs. Experience from producers and vets suggest that the Peri-weaning Failure to Thrive Syndrome (PFTS) is also related to suboptimal vitamin D.
Not All Bugs Are Bad: Let's Talk About DFMs
What does a bee, the flu, Bugs Bunny, and bacteria all have in common? Bugs! Although often enough, our first impression of a bug is usually something that isn’t favored, but there are also a lot of bugs that can help out our livestock production systems throughout the course of the year. A DFM is a direct fed microbial, a product that contains live, viable bacteria or yeast. They can be fed to livestock on a daily basis or whenever animals are feeling stress or production challenges.
Lessons Learned from Heat Stress
Summer is officially here whether we are ready or not. Last weekend’s heat wave was a reminder to many producers how tough summer heat and humidity can be on cattle. We hope you made it through relatively unscathed, but also wanted to take this moment to remind you of some items to consider when it comes to dealing with heat stress.
Meet Form-A-Feed's Dairy Intern: Adam Fellbaum
Form-A-Feed is excited to have Adam Fellbaum join us this summer as the dairy intern! We asked Adam a few questions so you can get to know him:
Meet Form-A-Feed's Swine Intern: Lacey Hanson
Form-A-Feed is thrilled to have two swine interns joining our team this summer! One of those interns is Lacey Hanson. We asked Lacey a few questions so you can get to know her:
Meet Form-A-Feed's Swine Intern: Lisa Janak
Form-A-Feed is thrilled to have two swine interns joining our team this summer! One of those interns is Lisa Janak. We asked Lisa a few questions so you can get to know her:
Meet Form-A-Feed's Beef Intern: Allison VanDerWal
Form-A-Feed is excited to have Allison VanDerWal back for a second year as the Form-A-Feed Beef Intern! We asked Allison a few questions so you can get to know her:
Piglet Nutritional Challenges at Weaning
One of the biggest challenges pigs go through in their lives is the first few days after they are weaned. This applies to all mammals as each of them are given special survival tools from their mothers. While the macro nutrients found in sow's milk such as protein and fat are required for piglet growth and development, sow's milk also contains micro components which are just as important and even more challenging to replace when piglets transition to a dry diet. Two of the most critical micro components are immunoglobulins and nucleotides.
Cost of Missing a Feed Budget in Finishing Pigs
Pork producers use feed budgets to more accurately feed a group of pigs. Feed budgets should be calculated by pounds per head for each ration whenever possible. Feeding based off of days does not account for intake fluctuations created on stocking density, health, and environment. The simplest information can be the most difficult to get accurate. Starting head count and starting weight is all that is needed to do an accurate feed budget.
Finishing Strong: Pre-Harvest Management Strategies
We are currently in the thick of our annual climb in U.S. beef production and fed cattle marketings which seasonally begins in April and runs through June. While most producers devote a considerable amount of time and effort into starting cattle on feed (and rightfully so), little attention is often paid to cattle once they hit the typical “cruise control” point where they are on a full-fed finishing ration and most health concerns are in the rear-view mirror. The 150 plus days cattle spend on feed can all be undone by a poor finish; no different than your favorite baseball team blowing a 5 run lead in the ninth inning. While the bulk of the work may be done, there are still management strategies to keep in mind to ensure cattle finish strong and decrease the odds of having one of those “what in the world happened?” moments when looking back at your grade sheets and closeout reports.