At Form-A-Feed, our mission is to feed the world through professionalism, quality products and innovative solutions. Our team of nutrition specialists work together with you to customize a nutritional plan that is tailored specifically for your livestock operation. In addition to our individualized custom feed services, our Timed Event Nutrition (T.E.N.) products provide a unique solution for times of stress such as birthing, extreme temperatures or illness.

Founded over 40 years ago on the values of family, integrity, innovation, quality, professionalism and relationships, Form-A-Feed continues to grow to meet the ever changing needs of the livestock industry. While we have grown, our commitment to delivering the best solutions possible to the farms we serve is stronger than ever.

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Featured Products

Show Day First N Goal
Showday First N' Goal is a complete, high fiber, pelleted feed with several applications for show cattle from weaning to the show ring. Used to maintain show day 'ring fill' and hold intakes without giving up eye appeal or the benefits of fibrous feeds on show day, this product is great ...
Early Wean Calf Starter w/Stealth 5® & Aromax
NEW! Early Wean Calf Starter VP w/Stealth 5® & Aromax is designed to maximize genetic calf growth and promote early weaning. This product provides natural protein sources, essential oils, chelated trace minerals, yeast extract, yeast culture, B-vitamins, salt and
C.U.E. Beef Dry and Water Soluble
C.U.E. is a direct-fed microbial designed to be fed to beef and feedlot cattle. This product contains 7 strains of live (viable) organisms, packaged in a heat-sealed, foil-lined bag that can be fed to all weight ranges of cattle to positively support animal health and performance. C.U.E. is available in dry-applied or water-soluble form.
Capture is specifically formulated to provide the essential nutrients, electrolytes and sugars necessary to for market hogs to maintain body fluid balance. Capture is designed to be fed to market hogs the last 3-4 weeks prior to marketing when hogs tend to be under significant stress due to pen space limitations, heat, sorting, and transportation.
Technique Equine Mineral
Technique Equine Mineral is for all classes of horses. This product contains biotin, chelated trace minerals, salt, selenium yeast, Vitamins A, D & E. This meal form mineral offers the flexibility to be blended in complete grain mixes or offered free-choice. Product code: 64991153
Sile Tech Dry
Sile Tech Dry is a dry bacterial inoculant designed to aid fermentation when applied to all types of high moisture forages and grains. This product’s proprietary blend of lactic acid producing bacteria allow for faster initiation of as well as more complete fermentation. Improved fermentation will reduce the dry matter disappearance of ...
Scentinol-Max Beef
Scentinol-Max Farm Pack is a natural product designed to support rumen and intestinal health and enhance rumen efficiency. This crumbled product provides natural essential oils, yeast culture and flavor enhancers to maximize animal performance and maintain healthy rumen pH and VFA balance. Product Code: 71409-472
Lock N' Load
Lock N’ Load is designed to be fed to all classes of swine when feed ingredient quality is suspect. This proprietary blend of antioxidants and yeast culture work to support the immune system when challenged by these less than ideal feed ingredients. Additionally, Lock N’ Load contains a multi-carbohydrase enzyme blend which enhances the digestibility of feed ingredients, allowing for a reduction in added dietary fat while maintaining targeted energy levels. Lock down the potential problems caused by suspect ingredients and Load pigs with additional nutrients with Lock N’ Load. Product code: 10753-172
PowerPro Breeder-W Mineral
PowerPro Breeder-W Mineral is designed to be provided to cows during the breeding season. This mineral provides increased concentrations of phosphorus for breeding season and is also weatherized to reduce caking in wet and rainy conditions. Product Code: 33398-152
Stealth 5®
Stealth 5® provides a food source for good bacteria, selenium yeast, natural glucosamine, and mannans (MOS). This combination enhances rumen function, interferes with pathogens binding to host tissue, feeds beneficial bacteria in the lower intestinal tract and improves overall immune function and health. Product Code: 74281-172


We appreciate the product flexibility and convenience offered with Form-A-Lic tubs. Knowing our cow herd receives a nutrient dense product with consistent intakes makes these tubs a great management tool.
– Polzin Embryo Center
I gave Calf Renew Boluses to newborn, scouring calves. The ones I gave the bolus to stopped scouring and were healthier after the treatment.
– Al & Sue Abrahamson
I always weigh my cattle locally before shipping. I have experienced shrink as low as 1% on a 160-mile haul to Dakota City, Nebraska when using the Hydro-Lac program. I have used Hydro-Lac on all my cattle I ship for the last eight years.
– David Schumacher
Sci-Mic BC Boluses work great for cows that are off-feed. They help get them get-going no matter what the problem is.
– Flower-Brook Registered Holsteins
We feed Hydro-Lac to the milk cows in the summer to help the cows through the heat. It really helps keep the cows going and they rebound better after hot spells.
– Caughey family

Recent Blogs

Feed an Amino Acid Balanced Diet for Transition Cow Performance
In today’s dairy farming operations we are all affected by the global milk markets. As nutrition suppliers we are always asked to “get more milk” or “do it cheaper with same the result.” Sounds simple, right? Not always.
Critical nutrition for fresh cows: energy and hydration
The transition period immediately after calving, commonly referred to as the “fresh period”, often presents the challenges of metabolic diseases related to negative energy balance, namely ketosis, in early lactation dairy cows. The fresh period also is a time that the dairy cow must replenish lost fluids and heal or repair tissue associated with the calving event. This process also requires extra energy, fluids and minerals in ample quantities for the cow to maintain and perform up to optimal health status. Ultimately, high production of peak milk levels and fast return to estrus activity for timely rebreeding are the goals for profitable production in commercial dairies.
Iodine Values: Pigs are what they Eat
While pork carcasses are not typically classified by quality like beef carcasses, there is one measure of carcass quality which is very closely monitored by meat packers: iodine value (IV). This name is a bit misleading as it has nothing to do with the iodine in a pig’s diet but rather it describes a chemical reaction used to determine the saturation of carcass fat. A lower IV means the carcass fat is composed of a greater proportion of saturated fatty acids while a higher IV indicates a higher proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. A simple way to distinguish saturated and unsaturated fats is their state at room temperature: saturated are solid (i.e. tallow) while unsaturated are liquid (i.e. vegetable oil).
Meet nutrition demands of cattle with lic tubs
It’s been a beautiful fall and we can all finally breathe a little bit easier as the crops are off the fields, cows are hitting the stalks and feed yards are ringing with the serenading song of bawling calves. Fall brings an extremely busy time of year for all cattle producers as you rush to put up the best silages, earlages and high moisture corn piles as possible for the upcoming cattle feeding year. During the haste it is important to remember that the cows on residue will be carrying this next year’s calf crop and while it’s easy to forget about them going to stalks, it’s important to make sure you don’t short change them as they begin to transition to late gestation.
Fermented Feeds: A year-long investment made in just hours
As we wrap up this year’s harvest, now is a great time to start planning for next year’s to-do list of harvest time decisions. Taking a few moments to record timing, yield and moisture of crops relative to the growing season and variety, equipment limitations that may have caused downtime, bottlenecks, and particle size or processing concerns are all items that can aid in managing the handful of days known as “silage harvest”. The degree and extent of fermentation, which leads to subsequent feed-out and livestock performance the rest of the year, are all affected by these decisions executed in just a handful of hours.
Strong Team. Quality Milk: Training Successful Employees
As dairy managers and owners it is our responsibility to make sure employees succeed by achieving goals and expectations. Training programs don’t have to be complicated, however when we think about training we do have to outline three main categories depending on the needs of the business and the direction we see it going.
Form-A-Feed Internship a Great Learning Experience
As the new school year begins, my time at Form-A-Feed has come to an end. For those of you I never got the chance to meet, my name is Allison VanDerWal. This summer, I served as the Form-A-Feed 2015 Beef Intern. Most of you might recognize me from either riding along with the beef, swine or dairy team, State Cattlemen’s Tour or Dakota Fest.
2015 Swine Conference Highlights
We are continuing to make our Professional Swine Conference bigger and better each year. 2015’s Swine Conference was no exception as we offered two days of activities, networking, and educational speakers in beautiful Okoboji, IA.
Creep Feeding Considerations for 2015
As late summer pasture conditions begin to diminish and forage supply is no longer adequate to maximize pre-weaning gains, cow-calf producers begin to ask the annual question “should I creep feed my calves?” For most commercial operations, the answer is typically “it depends.”
Locking down problem feed ingredients.
With the crops in the field looking as good as I have ever seen, the bins will be bursting this fall. We have had very few challenges to this year’s corn in the upper Midwest. An early spring and timely rains have made this a year for growing corn. However let’s dial the clock back to the 2014 crop year.