At Form-A-Feed, our mission is to feed the world through professionalism, quality products and innovative solutions. Our team of nutrition specialists work together with you to customize a nutritional plan that is tailored specifically for your livestock operation. In addition to our individualized custom feed services, our Timed Event Nutrition (T.E.N.) products provide a unique solution for times of stress such as birthing, extreme temperatures or illness.

Founded over 40 years ago on the values of family, integrity, innovation, quality, professionalism and relationships, Form-A-Feed continues to grow to meet the ever changing needs of the livestock industry. While we have grown, our commitment to delivering the best solutions possible to the farms we serve is stronger than ever.

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Using Hydro-Lac reduced my shrink from 10% to around 3% on shipping heifers.
– Ponderosa Custom Feedlot
I am a firm believer in Stealth 5 and so are my customers.
– Paul VanderWal
I always weigh my cattle locally before shipping. I have experienced shrink as low as 1% on a 160-mile haul to Dakota City, Nebraska when using the Hydro-Lac program. I have used Hydro-Lac on all my cattle I ship for the last eight years.
– David Schumacher
Cattle fill out very nicely before we market them. I've used Hydro-Lac for eight years. We feed one pound per head daily for two consecutive days before we market our cattle. After further discussion with my Form-A-Feed representative, I will consider using Hydro-Lac during times of heat stress too.
– Doug Loyson
My calves grow great on PerFourMax Milk Replacer
– Jeff Bremer

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Today, in most businesses across the world, we have tighter profit margins and that includes America’s dairy farm. This is due to increased demand for lower prices by the public and the ever-increasing exit of the dairy farmer out of the industry. Fewer and fewer folks are milking more cows, bigger feedlots and larger swine operations, and running more land to make more food than ever before for the world.
The Cool Side of Managing Heat, Diet and Transport Stress at Breeding Season
The primary area of heat stress impacts on the beef industry has been focused largely on feedlot performance. However, during the course of our field research on Hydro-Lac® for mitigating the effects of heat stress, some astute producers have tied some common sense-logic together with some of the most relevant and latest reproductive science to improve embryo transfer (ET) and artificial insemination (AI) results on their operations.
Have a Comprehensive Plan to Beat Heat Stress
Even though hot summer days seem weeks away, now is the time to start protecting your herd against heat stress. Cow comfort, cow behavior, and grouping issues exacerbate themselves when heat stress is added to the mix.
Evaluating Technologies and Innovations for Dairies
Dairies have been adopting new technologies for generations. Our grandparents or great-grandparents may have been among the first in the area to use a milking machine, or AI. Can you imagine dairying without bulk tanks and refrigeration, or automatic waterers? Now, robotic milkers and computerized calf feeding systems are common. New tools and technologies are becoming available with increasing frequency.