Form-A-Lic Tubs

Form-A-Lic tubs provide consistent, quality nutrient consumption in an economical package. Form-A-Lic tubs are palatable, weatherized, and offer premium nutrition in each specially-formulated tub!

It’s time for cows in the cornstalks and tubs in the pasture! Save on Form-A-Lic until November 30, 2020!

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All Form-A-Lic products are now available in both our standard plastic tub or our new biodegradable tub! 

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Proven lic tubs that provide optimal nutrition for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep and horses!

Form-A-Lic Products

Bovine Stress Lic w/Stealth 5

For Stress – Off-feed – Reproduction

Concerns: Stimulate appetite, reduce stress, and improve reproductive performance.

High-energy, free-choice supplement fortified to meet the stress challenges of shipping, weaning, breeding, or comingling cattle. Formulated with high levels of vitamins, organic trace minerals, and digestible ingredient sources. Designed for beef and dairy cattle.

Product code: 30500-729 – 250 lb. tub

Product code: 31164-729 – 50 lb. tub

Encompass Mineral Lic

Consistent Mineral Intakes

Concerns: Variable, low-quality forages, and inconsistent intakes.

Complete, balanced mineral designed to complement cattle on pasture, dry-lot, legume or grass forages. Fiber digester added to stimulate fiber digestion and utilization of forage.  Designed for cattle only.

Product code: 34084-729 – 250 lb. tub

All-Purpose 14

Pasture/Protein Supplement

Concerns: Late season pastures, low quality forages.

Balanced protein product designed to support late season pastures or when low quality forages are fed.  This product contains added Vitamins A, D, & E and used when forages are below acceptable nutritional levels.  Offers flexibility in feeding applications.

Product code: 34088-729 – 250 lb. tub

Dry Cow Lic

Nutrition from Dry-off to Calving

Concerns: Supplement far-off to close-up dry cows, extra nutrients to meet dry cow demands.

Formulated for dairy and beef cows in early or late stages of a dry period. Highly fortified with organic trace minerals. All-natural protein designed to maintain consistent intakes.

Product code: 24089-729 – 250 lb. tub

44-Magnum Lic w/Stealth 5

Fresh Cows – Early Spring Pastures

Concerns:  Inconsistent intake for high group dairy or fresh cow pens, grass tetany issues.

Free-choice supplement for early spring pastures when grass tetany is a risk, high group dairy or fresh cow pens. Highly fortified with B-vitamins, chelated trace minerals, yeast extract and mannans, and minerals.

Product code: 32300-729 – 250 lb. tub

Sheep Lic

Additional Sheep Formulation

Concerns: Improve forage utilization, save time and labor, option for pasture or confinement feeding.

Designed specifically for sheep and goats. A nutritional supplement that can be fed with various forage feeding programs.  Highly fortified with vitamins, chelated trace minerals, and B-vitamins.

Product code: 54087-729 – 125 lb. tub

Calf Bio Pro w/Stealth 5

Calves – Environmental Challenges

Concerns: Stressful situations for calves, such as scours, transitions, dehorning, and castration.

A protein supplement for young calves that aids the young calf in microbial crude protein production – beneficial for superior growth and health throughout life.

Product code: 30462-729 – 125 lb. tub

Hi-Pro 21 and Stalk Buster 30

Supplemental Feeding – Protein

Concerns: Added protein for medium quality forage, added energy for consistent intakes.

Protein supplement for stalk grazing or range feeding. Products are highly fortified to “bridge-the-nutritional gap” for cattle on low quality forages.  Easy and convenient to use and formulated to provide consistent intake.

Hi-Pro 21 Product code: 34091-729 – 250 lb. tub

Stalk Buster 30 Product code: 34090-729 – 250 lb. tub

All Purpose 14 AN-DE

All-Natural Pasture/Protein Supplement

Concerns: Late season pastures, low quality forages.

All-natural balanced protein product designed to support late season pastures or when low quality forages are fed. This product contains added Vitamins A, D, & E and used when forages are below acceptable nutritional levels. Offers flexibility in feeding applications. Contains diatomaceous earth to contribute to a healthy digestive tract.

Product code: 30833-729 – 250 lb. tub

Omega Breeder

Omega Breeder Tub is a self-fed, low moisture lick tub designed for breeding bulls and females in preparation of the breeding season. It is recommended to introduce to breeding females 45-60 days prior to the breeding season to aid in reproduction success. This product is a high energy tub that provides all-natural protein sources, bioavailable trace minerals, and is vitamin fortified.

Product Code:  35276-729 – 250 lb. tub

No Se tub: 35269-729 – 250 lb. tub

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