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PowerPro Minerals are formulated to match grain and/or forage nutrition programs to a cow’s stage of production.


  • Yeast-fortified to improve consumption
  • Chelated trace minerals enhance mineral bioavailability
  • Selenium yeast-fortified for improved bioavailability and reproduction
  • Mineral balance of copper to zinc for optimal performance
  • Vitamin E levels to meet nutritional demands for late-gestation and calving
  • Available in bags, totes or bulk

Late Gestation & Calving Products:

PowerPro Bio Mineral – 33146-152

  • Feed during third trimester through pasture turn-out.
  • Provides yeast culture, mannans, selenium yeast, and chelated trace minerals.

PowerPro Bio Mineral R-1400 – 33361-152

  • All the benefits of PowerPro Bio Mineral with the added benefit of Rumensin®

PowerPro Corn-Co R-1600 -35335-152

  • Contains Rumensin to improve forage utilization.
  • Feed during third trimester when using corn co-products

PowerPro LGC Mineral – 33301-152

  • Feed during third trimester through pasture turn-out.

Breeding Products:

PowerPro Breeder-W – 33398-152

  • Feed on pasture during breeding
  • Weatherized

Mid-Gestation Products:

PowerPro MG-W – 33399-152

  • Feed on pasture after breeding, second trimester.
  • Weatherized

All Season Products:

PowerPro Encompass W – 31018-152

PowerPro Encompass R 1200 – 31017-152

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