Introducing New Biodegradable Tubs!

Posted: March 20, 2020 | Written By: Kristi Carpenter, M.S., - Form-A-Feed Nutritionist


As part of Form-A-Feed’s overall mission to provide quality nutrition and professional service to our customers, we are now offering biodegradable tub options for our low moisture Form-A-Lic tubs in addition to our standard plastic tubs! Biodegradable tubs are made of all natural materials that disappear as the product is consumed. No need to worry about disposal of empty plastic tubs!

Are biodegradable tubs a right fit for you operation? Take a minute to read some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a biodegradable tub?

A biodegradable lic tub is a time-and-cost-efficient option for providing quality nutrition in a degradable package. Designed to slowly degrade as the product is consumed, biodegradable tubs provide consistent nutrition from top to bottom.

Will consumption rate differ between biodegradable and plastic tubs?

No. The same quality product and feeding rate can be expected for either container option.

What type of conditions are best suited for biodegradable tubs?

Biodegradable tubs are intended to be used in dry conditions for best results. This type of container is especially useful for hard to access areas (large pastures, forested areas, mountainous terrain). Biodegradable tubs save time and labor because they are single-trip containers. No additional handling is needed aside from its initial placement in your desired location!

How is the biodegradable tub affected by wet or rain conditions?

Biodegradable tubs can withstand normal wind and precipitation conditions. The container is not designed to be used in heavy rain conditions or placed in standing water. Excessively muddy conditions are not recommended as the tub will dissolve faster than the product can be consumed.

What is the benefit of using a biodegradable tub over a plastic tub?

The biodegradable container provides a sustainable option when it comes to lic tubs. Biodegradable tubs eliminate the labor cost associated with collecting empty plastic tubs and reduces environmental concerns associated with the need to dispose of the plastic container.

What will happen if the tub is consumed by the animal?

No harm will come to the animal if the tub is consumed. Form-A-Lic biodegradable tubs are ‘molded fiber’ products; manufactured using only a combination of cellulose fiber and water. No additional dyes, plastics, or coatings are used. The manufacturing process of the tubs provides a 100% recyclable and biodegradable tub.

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