Swine Feeding Projections – September 17, 2018

Posted: September 20, 2018

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September 17 2018 Hog Feeding Projections

Changes week over week:

  • Open-market value of weaned pigs increased modestly (+$1.95/head), while feeder pig values jumped sharply (+$9.45/head).
  • Expected lean hog values jumped moderately for February/March marketings (+$1.79/cwt), but changed little for December/January marketings (+$0.04/cwt).
  • Feed costs-$1.50-1.75 per head: corn -$0.18/bushel, SBM -$11.75/ton, DDGS +$3.75/ton, lysine unchanged, and fat -$0.12/cwt.
  • Open-market weaned pig profitability slipped slightly (-$0.70-0.80/head). Profits from $6-8 per head are projected.
  • Feeder pig profitability took a larger step backward (-$8.50/head) with profits around $10-11 per head now expected.

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