Crop Cure

Maximize the nutritional value of your silages by treating them with Crop Cure before ensiling to ensure proper fermentation steps.

Crop Cure is a dry granular preservative for all silage, high moisture ensiled corn, and baled hay.

  • Crop Cure works on a wide range of forages.
  • Works on a wide range of moisture conditions.
  • Works in silos, bunkers, bags, balage and bales.
  • Inhibits mold growth
  • Reduces dry matter loss up to 50%.
  • Saves nutrients.
  • Safe to use – EPA and FDA GRAS clearance.

Attacks Mold

Crop Cure® attacks mold, the primary cause of heating. When haylage stays cooler with Crop Cure, research has shown an increase of up to 10% more protein available for digestion over untreated hay silage, and reduction in dry matter loss of as much as 50%. That adds up to more feed and more pounds of milk per acre.

Improves the Palatability & Stability of Haylage

University of Minnesota research has shown the addition of Sodium Diacetate, the active ingredient in Crop Cure®, tends to improve the stability of alfalfa haylage during feed out.

Crop Cure Products:

Crop Cure – 79800-172

Crop Cure 2A – 79804-172

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