TMR Stabilizer

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TMR Stabilizer is a unique blend of four organic acids formulated to control fungal & secondary microbial growth and extend the bunk life of TMRs. TMR Stabilizer will reduce heating and nutrient degradation in TMRs by retarding mold and yeast growth. Use TMR Stabilizer to minimize reduced feed intake during summer weather by maintaining cooler, fresher feed.

Numerous conditions can create rapid TMR heating and nutrient degradation.  As stress factors that the TMR is exposed to increase, the required treatment rate will also need to increase.
TMR Stabilizer starts working immediately to retard the growth of mold and yeast, keeping feed fresher!


  • Proven blend of acids & antioxidants enhances bunk life by stabilizing the pH levels in forage
  • Product is in dry form for accurate distribution in TMR mixer
  • Buffered to help prevent metal corrosion
  • Easy to use and does not require special storage
  • Packaged in lined bag to ensure product quality


  • Maintains TMR nutrient density and ensures more nutrition delivered with every bite
  • Helps to prevent TMR heating, keeping feed fresher and more palatable
  • Maintains feed palatability for maximum intake and animal performance
  • Application for both dairy and beef mixes


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