Bridging the Fall Gap with Lic Tubs

Posted: October 30, 2018 | Written By: Sara Kleyer, Form-A-Feed Livestock Records Specialist

lic tubs

In the fall, some farmers have the privilege to get in fields and harvest their crops while others must wait patiently until just the right time. As many people do when harvest season comes around, we get busy.  We put blinders on to anything that is not harvest related. We get focused on one thing, and sometimes even taking a step back to other responsibilities.

In the livestock industry, we need to make sure our livestock are getting just as much attention now as ever. From time-to-time, walking pens, bedding, and scraping yards gets skipped or pushed off so that harvest can be priority. Depending on the type of operation, this may be the most important time of year for your cattle, especially if you have cattle that are weaned, bred, incoming, shipping or even just changing environments.

One of the most stressful situations is often in weaned calves. These calves have the greatest stress in the fall due to processing or adjusting from pasture to feedlot. One way to help bridge this stressful gap is by feeding Form-A-Lic Calf Bio Pro lic tubs.  It is a softer tub specifically designed for young calves.  This tub combines a protein supplement along with Stealth 5®.  Stealth 5 provides a food source for good bacteria, selenium yeast, natural glucosamine, and mannans (MOS) for optimum health.  This combination enhances rumen function, interferes with pathogens binding to host tissue, feeds beneficial bacteria in the lower intestinal tract and improves overall immune function and health.

Another tub that can help bridge the gap for weaned calves is Form-A-Lic Bovine Stress lic tub with Stealth 5.  This tub can help reduce stress on cattle as it combines the benefits of Stealth 5 with a high level of vitamins, organic trace minerals, and digestible ingredients sources.

Our Form-A-Lic tubs provide dependable nutrient consumption for excellent intake control in an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution.   If you are not familiar with Form-A-Lic tubs, there are a wide variety to cover all aspects in the beef and dairy industry. (Click here to view all Form-A-Lic tub options).  You can also talk with your Form-A-Feed Representative today and find out how you can take advantage of our Form-A-Lic Tub promotion!

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