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Form-A-Feed works with you to develop a flexible nutrition program that supports the entire herd. We carry a diverse product line of milk replacers and calf starters, heifer feeds, lactation cow premixes and dry cow and transition feeds. We have the flexibility to make anything from a small premix to a complete feed. We work with your feedstuffs to help design a package that is right for you.

Below is a sampling of the products Form-A-Feed offers.  Contact us today to learn more about our customized nutrition and service programs available to fit the needs of your operation.


Epi-Shield is a direct fed microbial (DFM) formulated to help protect the gastrointestinal (GI) lining from damage caused by multiple contaminants commonly found in forage-based diets. Epi-Shield delivers a combination of beneficial bacteria, live yeast, and yeast cell wall derivatives. This multifaceted approach helps bind specific gramnegative bacteria and competes with wild yeasts in the rumen and pathogens in the hind gut. A healthy GI tract results in better microbial balance, fewer digestive upsets and cases of bloody gut, stimulated immune function, better rumen function, and more consistent intakes and milk production. The product is packaged in 25lb. heat sealed bags for ease of application and to maintain stability.

Product code(s):
21496-176 - 25 lbs.

Valles MP3

Valles MP3 is a source of rumen available and rumen bypass methionine for dairy cows to balance the amino acid profile in lactating diets.

Product code(s):

Anion 5000

Anion 5000 is an anionic salt supplement for dry dairy cattle. This dairy supplement can be used to lower the dietary cation anion difference (DCAD) in transition cow rations. Urine pH should be monitored to evaluate the effectiveness of the product in the diet.

Product code(s):
20549-472 50 lb.

Doboy® Legacy 38% Calf Pellet

Doboy Legacy Calf Feeds combine Doboy’s history of quality, consistent, and economical calf products with Form-A-Feed’s nutrition and production standards. Doboy Legacy 38% Calf Pellet is designed to maximize calf growth. This product provides natural protein sources, trace minerals, salt, and Vitamins A, D & E. This pelleted product is to be blended with grain and molasses to make calf starter or grower complete feeds.

Product code(s):
29859-321 bulk

Doboy® Legacy 16% Calf Texturized

Doboy Legacy Calf Feeds combine Doboy’s history of quality, consistent, and economical calf products with Form-A-Feed’s nutrition and production standards. Doboy Legacy 16% Calf Texturized Feed is designed to be fed to calves from birth to weaning for a healthy start. It is medicated with Deccox® for the prevention of coccidiosis and contains cracked corn. Also available in non-medicated.

Product code(s):
29857-612 50 lbs.
29857-611 bulk
29856-612 50 lbs. non-med
29856-611 bulk non-med

Doboy® Legacy 20% Calf Texturized

Doboy Legacy Calf Feeds combine Doboy’s history of quality, consistent, and economical calf products with Form-A-Feed’s nutrition and production standards.  Doboy Legacy 20% Calf Texturized Feed DX45 DBZ is designed to be fed to calves from birth to weaning for a healthy start. It is medicated with Deccox® for the prevention of coccidiosis and contains steam rolled corn for easier starch digestion.

Product code(s):
29858-612 50 lbs.
29858-611 bulk

Prime Life® Heifer and Dry Cow Products

Introducing new heifer and dry cow products to the Prime Life product line! Prime Life heifer feeds were created with the growth and development of the heifer in mind. During this stage of life, we focus on moving the animal from the post-weaning stage to a productive animal in the lactation herd. Having a sound […]

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Prime Life® Heifer Premixes

Prime Life Heifer Premixes supply appropriate amounts of calcium and phosphorus in diets for beef or dairy heifers. This product contains excellent levels of Vitamins A, D and E, and trace minerals. Prime Life Heifer Premixes come with several medication options.

Product code(s):
20693-132 Prime Life Heifer Premix B-1600
20694-132 Prime Life Heifer Premix R-1600
20695-132 Prime Life Heifer Premix R DBZ (fly control)
20696-132 Prime Life Heifer Premix R Plus

Prime Life® Heifer Pellet R

Prime Life Heifer Pellet R is a 36% pellet protein concentrate with highly bioavailable trace minerals and Vitamins A, D & E. This product is medicated with Rumensin® for increased rate of gain in heifers over 400 pounds.

Product code(s):

Prime Life® Vitality CM

Prime Life Vitality CM is used in transition dairy cow diets to supply encapsulated B-vitamins, chromium, methionine, choline, and other components for optimal liver health. This unique blend addresses the stress of calving and the metabolic disorders associated with fat metabolism.

Product code(s):

Prime Life® Countdown R140

Prime Life Countdown R140 is an anionic salt supplement that provides vitamins, minerals, and undegradable proteins for cows two to three weeks prior to calving. Rumensin® is added to help with feed efficiency and glucose utilization. Anionic salts help lower the dietary cation-anion balance of cows. Urine pH should be monitored to evaluate the (DCAD) of transition cows.

Product code(s):

Prime Life® Dry Cow Base

Prime Life Dry Cow Base is a protein, vitamin and mineral supplement for non-lactating dairy cattle. It supplies protein, vitamins and minerals necessary to meet the nutritional needs of the animal during gestation. Vitamins and trace minerals during the dry period promote proper nutrient balance for metabolic processes.

Product code(s):

Prime Life® Dry Cow Premix

This dairy premix provides the optimal level of vitamins A, D, and E in addition to macro and trace minerals. It can be mixed with a total mixed ration (TMR) or grain mix to provide the right nutrient balance for dry cow diets.

Product code(s):
Prime Life Dry Cow Premix - 24974-132
Prime Life Dry Cow Premix R-1600 - 24975-132

Form-A-Lic Tubs

Form-A-Lic tubs provide consistent, quality nutrient consumption in an economical package. Form-A-Lic tubs are palatable, weatherized, and offer premium nutrition in each specially-formulated tub!  Form-A-Lic provides optimal nutrition for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep and horses!

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Hydro-Lac Provides Hydration and Energy Support During Periods of Stress. Hydro-Lac is a palatable source of blended electrolytes, multiple energy sources, minerals, vitamins, and osmolytes. From this patented technology, Hydro-Lac provides the necessary nutrients to recover from the effects of heat stress, such as dehydration, and help restore animal health for better all-around productivity.   […]

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Stealth 5®Concentrate

STEALTH 5® Concentrate improves rumen function in 5 Modes of Action. Stealth 5 Concentrate is designed to be added to livestock diets to maintain optimal health and performance. This product is a source of dried yeast, yeast culture, yeast extract, and hydrolyzed yeast designed for optimal health in livestock. This combination enhances rumen function, interferes […]

Product code(s):

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FAF Robo Pellet

FAF Robo Pellet is a specially designed pellet proven to work through a variety of robotic milking systems.

Product code(s):

Lactation Concentrates

Form-A-Feed offers a variety of Lactation Concentrates including:

38% HP Dairy Concentrate – 21262-322

352 Special 38 Dairy (commodity pellet) – 29352-322

Lactation VTMs

Form-A-Feed offers a variety of lactation VTMs for any situation. Products include:

Dairy Micro w/ Chelates 21266-192

ST Dairy S-F VTM – 27095-192

Dairy Pack .25 – 22694-132

Dairy Pro-Form 400

Lactation Premixes

Form-A-Feed offers a wide range of lactation premixes for every situation. Buffer packs available.

Rumen Aid A – 24327-132

Rumen Aid CS – 24328-132

MPV Dairy Premixes

Dairy Pro-Form 65

Dairy 0.75 Premix – 22697-120

Longevity Dairy PMX 1 – 23141-132

Sci-Mic 40-20

Sci-Mic 40-20 is a direct-fed microbial formulated to help support rumen health, increase feed intake, and improve digestibility of forages. It contains a special blend of live cell yeast, lactic acid producing bacteria, and digestive enzymes which help stimulate that growth of the natural bacteria and helps maintain a normal intestinal microbial population.

Product code(s):
25 lb: 27134-173

Form-A-Lac HL Plus

Form-A-Lac HL Plus is a pelleted supplement that helps get dairy cows through the early nutritional stressors with the start of lactation. This product helps stimulate intake and improve energy utilization. It contains niacin that helps with metabolic disorders of calving. 

Product code(s):


Sci-Lyte is a soluble meal product for young calves that need supplemental fluids, electrolytes and energy during a scour event. This combination of ingredients helps maintain body fluids, supplies the intestinal environment with beneficial bacteria, and provides nutrients that improve absorption of water and electrolytes.

Product code(s):

Sci-Mic CB

Sci-Mic CB is a bolus capsule for young calves. It contains lactic acid producing bacteria and live cell yeast to support feed intake, intestinal health, and calf performance.

Product code(s):

Calf Formula D

Calf Formula D is a direct-fed microbial for calves. This product contains high levels of lactic acid producing bacteria and live cell yeast to help support digestion and feed efficiency which results in faster gains. This product is dispersible in either water or milk.

Product code(s):

Dairy S.C.O.P.E

Dairy S.C.O.P.E. is a direct-fed microbial designed to improve rumen and intestinal health. This formulation supplies the rumen with lactic acid producing bacteria and digestive enzymes. Dairy S.C.O.P.E. improves dietary nutrient availability, improves milk yield and milk components, reduces digestive upsets, stimulates the immune system, and stabilizes feed intakes. Dairy S.C.O.P.E. is packaged in a heat-sealed bag to maintain stability and viability of microorganisms.

Product code(s):

Dairy Heifer Framer R-268

Heifer Framer R is a pelleted supplement designed for growing dairy heifers. It supplements protein to support growth and frame of heifers entering the show ring. It provides chelated minerals in addition to minerals and vitamins that optimize growth and performance of replacement dairy heifers. Contains Rumensin® to improve feed utilization. 

Product code(s):

Heifer Premixes

Form-A-Feed offers a variety of Heifer Premixes with ClariFly available, including:

Rumen Aid RH R-1600 – 22077-132

Rumen Aid BH B-1600 – 20143-132

Heifer Primer R – 21636-132

Heifer Base Plus R w/ AvailaPlus (VTM) – 21435-132

781 HFR Mineral Rumensin – 29771-152

1781 HEF-R Mineral Bovatec – 29783-152

Prime Life® 38% Intensity Calf Pellet w/ Stealth 5

Prime Life 38% Intensity Calf Pellet Concentrate with Stealth 5® is designed to maximize genetic calf growth. This product provides natural protein sources, highly bioavailable trace minerals, yeast extract, yeast culture, B-vitamins, salt, and Vitamins A, D & E. This pelleted product is to be blended with grains to make calf starter or grower complete feeds. Stealth 5 is added to interfere with pathogens binding to host tissue.

Product code: Stewart: 20782-371
Product code: New Richmond: 29382-321

Prime Life® Early Wean Calf Starter VP Complete Pellet

Early Wean Calf Starter VP with Stealth 5® is designed to maximize genetic calf growth and promote early weaning. This product provides natural protein sources, essential oils, highly bioavailable trace minerals, yeast extract, yeast culture, B-vitamins, salt, and Vitamins A, D & E. This pelleted product is fed as a complete feed as a supplement to milk replacer.

Product Code: 25871-972

Prime Life® Texturized Calf Starters

Form-A-Feed offers a variety of texturized calf starters. Our floor-stocked texturized products include Prime Life™ 20% Calf DX or Prime Life 20% Calf Bov. Prime Life 20% Calf Texturized Feed with Stealth 5 is designed to be fed to calves from birth to weaning for a healthy start. Medicated with Deccox® or Bovatec® for the prevention of coccidiosis.

Product code: Deccox®: 29384-612
Product code: Bovatec®: 29388-612

Prime Life® Milk Replacers/Supplements

Prime Life™ milk replacers are carefully balanced to supply the essential energy, protein, and other nutrition needed by calves for a healthier start and optimum growth. Prime Life milk replacers utilized top quality, all-milk ingredients to achieve the highest digestibility and consistency for maximum performance. The milk replacers are fortified with essential vitamins, bioavailable minerals, […]

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Show Day Show Feeds

Preparing for the show ring takes hard work and planning.  Show Day Show Feeds provide essential nutrients needed to help you gain a nutritional edge and to earn a place in the winner’s circle. Show Day Show Feeds products are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of each specie at every stage of development.  Show Day […]

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Hydro-Shield is a combination of our tested and proven products, Hydro-Lac and Stealth 5®, with an added source of the all-natural botanicals of AroMax™. Hydro-Shield supports lower GI health of starting/receiving cattle, pre-harvest cattle, and transition cows during times of critical stress where natural pathogen control and defense is beneficial.

Product code(s):


App-A-Tite is designed for use with out-of-condition forages, grains, or by-products, when molds are a concern. App-A-Tite provides a unique blend of flow agents, antioxidants, and B-vitamins to minimize losses due to these conditions.

Product code(s):
Concentrate: 73860-172

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Since we started using Hydro-Lac over the summer, we have noticed that cows keep eating and maintain their milk production. It is a great product that I will always use.

- Flower-Brook Registered Holsteins

We feed Hydro-Lac to the milk cows in the summer to help the cows through the heat. It really helps keep the cows going and they rebound better after hot spells.

- Caughey family

Intakes are improved after calving from what we were doing in our previous program. Fresh pen milk is up and Hydro-Lac is the only thing we are doing that is different.

- John Warren

We have been using ShowDay Feeds for many years and have always been impressed with how our cattle have performed. The product is consistent and high quality every time you open a bag.

- RJB Cattle

In warm weather, it’s a no brainer! It just makes good sense. Hydro-Lac is a tool that should be in everybody’s cattle feeding toolbox.

- Ron Nykamp

Form-A-Feed pulls everything together for our dairy. We don’t have to make assumptions. We have data and coaching to manage our nutrition program with accountability. They bring the value of knowing all three circles – Nutrition, Coaching, and Data.

- Garrett Luthens, Skyview Dairy

I am a firm believer in Stealth 5 and so are my customers.

- Paul VanderWal, Dakota Country Feed & Seed

Pierz Co-op adds Hydro-Lac into my lactation ration for the summer. We had great success with our herd adjusting to heat stress. The herd stays on feed, maintains production and we have less reproductive issues coming into the fall months after a hot summer.

- Joel & Nicole Gross

I gave Calf Renew Boluses to newborn, scouring calves. The ones I gave the bolus to stopped scouring and were healthier after the treatment.

- Al & Sue Abrahamson

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