Warm Weather and Flies: Options for your Herd

Posted: March 22, 2021 | Written By: Kristi Carpenter, M.S. - Form-A-Feed Nutritionist


Warm weather is right around the corner and it is time to start thinking about fly control. Cattlemen are well-aware that as the seasons change, so must their management strategies. Mitigating the fly population within the herd is essential to maintaining profitability and performance of the animal.

Control Methods

Routine observations can best determine the appropriate management decisions needed for the herd. An effective fly management program will be contingent on efficacy of the product, convenience, and cost.  Adding a fly control method as a feed-thru option is often the most convenient method and limits the amount of animal handling needed when compared to pour-ons and sprays. Fly control can be added to various forms of feed and can be fed with or without the addition of medication.

Oral larvicide: Oral larvicide is typically supplemented as a loose mineral or tub.  The insect growth regulator passes through to the manure to kill developing fly larvae. Cattle consume a designated amount of the product daily. This method decreases the emergence of new larvae population and is convenient for the producer as the fly control is in combination to an existing feeding regimen (i.e. supplemental protein or mineral source.)

Natural feed additives: An alternative to traditional fly control methods, feeding garlic has become the popular choice as a natural fly mitigation strategy. After consumption, it is believed the animal will then emit an odor which repels flies and insects.  Research has shown a reduction of flies on cattle fed garlic powder when compared to a control group. Garlic is safe, easy to handle and is approved for most natural-fed and organic feeding operations.

The Form-A-Feed Solution

In an effort to provide producers with proven, convenient, and economical feed options, Form-A-Feed has developed multiple products that can be used to mitigate the fly population. Loose minerals and lick tub options are floor stocked and ready for consumption.  Speak with your Form-A-Feed Representative about fly control today!

Power Pro Encompass-W with Altosid® Mineral

Mineral or Pro Tub with Altosid® 

Encompass Mineral Lic Tub with DE-Garlic (No Se option also available)

*Custom options available with 2 ton order (6 ton tub order) some restrictions apply. 

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