DDGS Breakeven Price in Swine Diets for May 2, 2022

Posted: May 2, 2022 | Written By: Mark Whitney, Ph.D., Form-A-Feed Nutrition and Production Specialist

Price Corn $7.50/bu Corn $7.75/bu Corn $8.00/bu Corn $8.25/bu Corn $8.50/bu
SBM $400/ton $266 $272 $278 $284 $290
SBM $425/ton $278 $283 $289 $295 $301
SBM $450/ton $289 $294 $300 $306 $312
SBM $475/ton $300 $306 $312 $317 $323
SBM $500/ton $311 $317 $323 $329 $335


The preceding table was generated using current pricing for amino acids, fat, and mineral supplements.  DDGs are a good source of energy, protein, and phosphorus in swine diets.  Break-even prices for DDGs given different corn and SBM prices are presented.  For instance, if current corn price is $8.00/bu and SBM is $450/ton, one would reduce diet cost, on average, when including reasonable amounts of DDGs in diets as long as DDGs price was less than $300/ton.  If corn price increases $0.25/bu, the value of DDGs increases another $6/ton, whereas if SBM price were to decrease by $25/ton, DDGs value would decrease by about $11/ton in this example.

These values are estimates, it is encouraged that you speak with your Form-A-Feed representative to determine specific strategies for your situation.  For instance, if amino acids decrease in price in the near future, then breakeven prices will need to be adjusted as SBM and DDGs will carry less breakeven value in diets.  Feed makes up 2/3 to ¾ of the cost of raising pigs – making certain diets consistently meet the nutritional needs of the pig in an economical manner is key to ensuring the long-term success of your operation, and we are here to help!

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