Form-A-Feed Launches Prime Life Program

Posted: April 25, 2018

prime life

Form-A-Feed is excited and proud to unveil our new calf program, Prime Life™. The Prime Life program was developed to provide livestock with high quality nutrition during the prime stages of their life. Starting out as young, healthy, growing calves, that successfully transition into strong production animals, the Prime Life program is designed to optimize nutrition throughout each life stage. It currently includes many milk replacer and calf feed product solution options to fit your individualized calf program!

Prime Life Milk Replacers

Prime Life milk replacers are carefully balanced to supply the essential energy, protein, and other nutrition needed by calves for a healthier start and optimum growth. Prime Life milk replacers utilize top quality, all-milk ingredients to achieve the highest digestibility and consistency for maximum performance.

The milk replacers are fortified with essential vitamins, bioavailable minerals, and Stealth 5® for improved calf health. Prime Life milk replacers are manufactured to provide a consistent product using only high quality ingredients with excellent mixability, and low ash. All of the Prime Life milk replacer formulas are made using only all-milk protein sources.  They are formulated to provide only the best nutrition to meet the high expectations that today’s farmers have for calf health and performance.  Several Prime Life formulas are available, offering options for various management practices and individual farm needs. Formulas include conventional, high energy, advanced, and accelerated. Learn more here!

Prime Life Calf Feed

Prime Life calf feeds were created with the calf’s development in mind.  The nutrition program for the first 60 days of the calf’s life either sets her up for a smooth transition through the weaning process or a period with a high risk of weight loss and health events. Don’t lose the progress you’ve made by providing a high quality milk feeding program by allowing her to falter at weaning time! The Prime Life calf starter is formulated to stimulate rumen development resulting in a calf that goes through the weaning process and transitions to a dry diet without missing a beat!

Prime Life calf feeds contain bioavailable minerals, coccidiostats, and includes essential vitamins to promote a healthy, growing calf! Click the links below to learn about our calf feed options!

Prime Life Concentrate 

Prime Life Texturized Feed

Prime Life Complete Pellet

The Prime Life products are available to order now!



We hope you will find the new and improved Prime Life product line to be a great fit for your calf program! Please do not hesitate to contact your Form-A-Feed representative with any questions!

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