Health E Oil

Health E Oil Form-A-Feed

Made from an all-natural and easily digestable blend of oil and nutrients, Health E Oil provides the essential fatty acids needed for a happy, healthy horse.

  • Beautiful Coat Shine
  • Improve Endurance
  • Improve Weight Gain
  • Horses thrive on the all-natural benefits of Health E Oil

Non-GMO All-Natural Oil
Health E Oil contains no preservatives and is chemical-free. The soy oil used in Health E Oil is not refined, so all of the key nutrients remain in the oil.
All-Natural human food grade Vitamin E is used to formulate Health E Oil to promote a stronger immune system.

Highly Digestible
Health E Oil is easily digested by horses as the calories are absorbed in the small intestine, avoiding fermentation in the cecum and colon. This keeps horses cooler in the summer, and greatly reduces the incidence of colic and laminitis.

Senior Horses
Health E Oil is excellent for weight gain in senior horses! The extra calories are what senior horses need to stay energized and healthy.

Health E Oil may increase fat content in lactating mares milk for faster growing foals and increase conception rates.

Energy is critical for young horses to grow up strong. Some high-grain diets that are fed to weanlings have been linked to the development of orthopedic disease, colic, and laminitis. Replacing some of the oats or grain mix with Health E Oil may reduce the incidence of these concerns in weanlings.

Performance Horses
Health E Oil increases the stamina in performance horses. The all-natural, mechanically pressed soybean oil in Health E Oil is an excellent source of energy for all horses, but a balanced fat supplemented diet can be extra beneficial for performance horses. Race horses can run faster at a constant heart rate, and cutting horses can stop and turn harder for a longer duration.

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