DFM and Enzyme Solutions to Improve Feed Efficiency On-Farm

Posted: May 25, 2021 | Written By: Form-A-Feed Nutrition Team


Form-A-Feed provides DFM and enzyme technologies such as MultePli, Release II, Dairy S.C.O.P.E, and Sci-Mic 40-20 tailored to improve ruminal energy utilization.  These products do this by enhancing the rumen microbial population’s ability to digest starch and fiber to a greater extent, improving total tract digestibility of feed, improving energy available on corn and forages, and increasing protein outflow for milk production. DFMs and enzymes give the nutritionist the flexibility to build cost-effective diets without jeopardizing milk production.


MultePli is a rumen-active multi-enzyme combination shown to increase metabolizable protein output by 8%, which is equivalent to 80g of metabolizable protein (MP) or similar to 1lb of SBM in a lactation diet.  With the potential to liberate more energy and MP from feeds, a 5:1 R.O.I. can be achieved with the use of MultePli in ruminant diets.

Release II

Release II is an enzyme pack designed to enhance starch digestibility when applied to processed corn.  Using a FAF liquid supplement containing Release II to steep corn (rolled, cracked, or ground) helps break down the starch granules, including those bound in a protein matrix.   Release II may be added to FAF dairy or feedlot liquids, Sweet Energy or Sweet Dairy blends.  Use at the rate of 1 lb. of Release II per ton of corn treated.

Dairy S.C.O.P.E

Dairy S.C.O.P.E is a crumbled thermo-stable DFM that can be added to mixes at the farm or at feed mills. Dairy S.C.O.P.E has shown to increase fiber and starch utilization while preventing SARA. Rumen efficiency is maximized with S.C.O.P.E improving fiber digestibility up to 6.9 points.  Trials show a R.O.I 8.5:1 based on milk yield and feed efficiency improvements or 6:1 based on milk components and feed efficiency.

Sci-Mic 40:20

Sci-Mic 40-20 is a DFM formulated to maximize feed intake and stimulate animal overall health. The combination of live cell yeast, lactic acid bacteria and spore-forming beneficial bacteria has shown higher increases total tract diet digestibility.

To learn more about the DFM and enzyme technologies that are right for your farm, please contact your Form-A-Feed representative to help you build cost-effective diets that promote milk production.

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