Tend-R-Leen Training Manual Module 3 Module 3: Tend-R-Leen Product Line

Tend-R-Leen Product Line

Tend-R-Leen Growers (For calves up to 450#)

532 Tend-R-Leen Grower Deccox

536 Tend-R-Leen Ultra Finisher Tylan Rumensin VFD

529 Tend-R-Leen PE Tylan Rumensin VFD

1529 Tend-R-Leen PE Rumensin

528 Tend-R-Leen Natural Choice

Tend-R-Leen 528 Natural Choice NM

Tend-R-Leen 528 is a flexible product that can be used in Grow-Finish diets.

  • It can be in the traditional Tend-R-Leen program.
  • You can use it as a supplement for a grain mix that is limit fed.
  • It can provide protein, minerals vitamins and nutraceuticals in grass fed diets when more protein is needed.
  • TRL “528”
    o 5 = Rumen modifier
    o 28 = 28% CP (5% from NPN)
  • “Natural Choice”
  • NM = Non-Medicated
  • Features Rumen Modifiers and natural hindgut health additives
  • The “Natural Choice” for ABF and Natural Beef production scenarios
  • This product was designed based on producer request

Feeding Natural Cattle

The term Natural as defined by the USDA is very loose.

  • It is generally accepted that cattle qualifying for Natural programs have never received antibiotics or hormones.
  • According to SDSU, the Break Even for finishing cattle can be over $5.00 per CWT higher than conventionally fed cattle at a diet cost of $90.00/Ton
  • Yeast based additives may recoup some of the efficiency lost by removing an Ionophore. In addition, yeast cell wall components contain numerous gut health components.
  • Need to consider vaccinating for Liver Abscesses.
  • Whole corn may reduce fluctuations in feed intake as well as metabolic and liver abscess problems.
  • Proper management is critical for raising natural cattle. All stressors need to be reduced to keep the animals healthy from a reduction in the opportunity for acidosis.
  • A sound marketing plan is needed.
    Sources: Dr. S Loerch Ohio State University and SDSU Extension Extra 2056 Feeding Natural Cattle

375 Tend-R-Leen Beef Non-Med

1375 Tend-R-Leen Tylan Rumensin VFD

393 Tend-R-Leen Beef Starter

44 Magnum Lic w/ Stealth 5