Tend-R-Leen Training Manual Module 3 Module 3: Tend-R-Leen PE Feeding Schedule (529/1529/528)

Tend-R-Leen PE Feeding Schedule (529/1529/528)

The Tend-R-Leen Feeding Schedule is based on:

  1. Healthy calves with reasonable growth ability.
  2. Actual results from independent feeders. 
  3. Good management and health program to keep death loss at a minimum. 
  4. Use of ionophores, implants, sodium diacetate, and TM salt.

(Results are average research farm conversions and daily gains.  Actual results will vary depending on the genetic ability of the animal).

Tend-R-Leen 529 Feeding Schedule

Tend-R-Leen 1529 Feeding Schedule