Swine Feeding Projections – September 25th, 2017

Posted: September 28, 2017 | Written By: Simon Kern, M.S. - Swine Business Manager

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September 25, 2017 Hog Feeding Projections

Changes week over week:

  • Open-market purchase prices were stronger for both weaned and feeder pigs (+$1.16 and +$1.97 per head, respectively)
  • Predicted lean hog values were down slightly for February/March marketings (-$0.52/cwt) and flat for January marketings (+$0.03/cwt).
  • Feed costs +$0.40-0.50 per head: corn +$0.03/bushel, SBM +$5.50/ton, DDGS +$1.25/ton, lysine +$0.20/cwt, and fat unchanged.
  • Stronger purchase prices and higher feed costs pushed profit margins down modestly for both open-market weaned and feeder pigs (-$3.00 and -$2.50 per head, respectively).

Please contact your Form-A-Feed Representative for profit analysis specific to your operation.


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