Swine Feeding Projections – March 18, 2019

Posted: March 19, 2019

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Swine Feeding Projections 3.18.19

Changes week over week:

  • Open-market value of weaned pigs and feeder pigs were steady from last week.
  • Lean hog prices were higher across all months after news of higher than reported losses in China due to ASF.
  • Open corn prices for the feeding period up $0.07 per bushel while SBM was up $13 per ton
  • Open-market weaned pig profitability was up significantly due to increases in lean hog values. A weaned pig purchased on the open market is showing a profit of $13 per head.
  • Feeder pig profitability is showing a profit of $23 per head based on purchasing a cash traded feeder pig.

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