PerFourMax 21 Heifer Program

Posted: March 21, 2016

21 Per Four Max

Form-A-Feed’s new PerFourMax 21 Heifer Program was created based on goals to raising healthier heifers, calving earlier, with faster payback.

The basic principles to the PerFourMax21 Heifer Program are:
1. Metabolizable Protein (MP) optimization for growth.
2. Complete macro and micronutrient fortification for a lifetime of health.
3. Body condition management for breeding and calving on time.

The program uses the following goals to optimize heifer payback: 


What is it worth to your dairy to calve in at 21 months of age?

If your goal is to raise healthier heifers, calving earlier, with faster payback, contact your Form-A-Feed representative on implementing the full PerFourMax 21 Heifer Program on your dairy.

The following products are included in the PerFourMax 21 Heifer Program: 

Early Calf

PerFourMax Brand Milk Replacers

Early Wean Calf Starter VP

PerFourMax Brand Calf Starters

Intensity Calf Concentrate

Growing Heifer

Intensity Calf Concentrate

Heifer Primer

Heifer Framer

Breeding Age & Bred Heifer

Heifer Primer

Heifer Framer

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