Hog Holder 500: A New Product for Slowing Down Pig Growth

Posted: May 11, 2020 | Written By: Mark Whitney, Ph.D., Form-A-Feed Nutrition and Production Specialist

swine feeding projections

Pork producers are in unprecedented times with decreased and reduced operational pork processing facilities due to COVID-19 challenges, resulting in less shackle space for processing available for market-ready pigs.  Form-A-Feed has developed a base product to assist pork producers in “holding” market-size pigs when marketing opportunities do not allow the timely movement of pigs to pork processing plants.  The new product, Hog Holder 500, is easy to use (mix 500 lbs. base with 1500 lbs. ground corn and feed as a complete diet) at an affordable cost to provide an option for pork producers to significantly slow pig growth in late finishing, allowing extra time for marketing.  Features include:

  • Mixture of high fiber ingredients to provide gut fill and reduce daily energy intake.
  • Negative Cation-Anion balance to reduce feed intake.
  • Animal protein products and magnesium oxide to reduce tail-biting and other aggressive behavioral vices.
  • Reduced lysine and amino acid content to lower feed intake and minimize growth.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to maintain animal health and bone integrity.
  • Ease of use: mix 500 lbs. of base with 1500 lbs. corn and feed as complete diet to late finishing / market size pigs.

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