TMR Enhance-R

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TMR Enhancer

TMR Enhance-R is an advanced, cost-effective TMR additive that may just be one of the smartest management tools you can utilize in your battle against summer conditions. TMR Enhance-R was specifically designed with a combination of ingredients that will protect your TMR mix and enhance animal performance. This combination will allow you to maintain the freshness of your TMR mix, plus it contains the ingredients to enhance rumen function and the digestibility of forages.

Features and benefits:

  • Stabilizes your bunk mix – prevents reheating during times of heat or when you are feeding freshly harvested forages.
  • Enhanced rumen function – research has proven that it enhanced feed utilization.
  • Improves or maintains dry matter intake.
  • Improves or maintains milk production and components.
  • Contains Crop Cure which enhances bunk life by stabilizing the pH.
  • Contains a combination of buffering agents.
  • Contains simple sugars for rapidly fermentable carbohydrates, thus offering a quick source of energy.
  • Contains yeast culture which increases feed digestibility and improves palatability.
  • Contains magnesium which aids in nutrient digestibility, improved performance and provides a calming effect.

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