Cattle Feeding Projections for June 2024

Posted: June 11, 2024 | Written By: Tim Kinches and Allison VanDerWal, Form-A-Feed

June 2024 Form-A-Feed Cattle Feeding Projections

Click above to download the Cattle Feeding Projections.

Strong feeder cattle market continues to drive the profit and loss column. The fed cattle market continues to remain strong however, this month is proving not strong enough to overcome colored steer and heifer feeder prices. Holstein calves appear to be a solid option for someone with open pens looking to capitalize on strong fed cattle prices. Cost of gains in this example might be high compared to your operation. Corn-co products are cheapening up as well as other commodities but consensus is COG are between $0.95-1.20 in certain market areas. For those wanting to fill pens with colored cattle, one might need to look at a different type of cattle or change their feeding program to fit the market. However, if one does look at that, realizing performance differences and cost of gain differences in the breakeven need to be done to make them accurate.

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