Shipping & Receiving Specialist- 1st Shift

Posted: December 13, 2018

The Shipping & Receiving Specialist is expected to meet the qualifications as outlined below.  This position is vital to the overall success of our organization as a manufacture of Animal Food and Nutrition Products, specifically in developing and maintaining a strong culture quality feeds and premixes.  As a Shipping & Receiving Specialist, you must have a strong work ethic with a desire to work in a faced pace environment that requires attention to detail, precise measurements, high quality control expectations and a desire to succeed.  Observation of all quality and Standard Operating Procedures as outlined is essential.  In this role, you will be expected to observe all company safety rules and safety procedures before and during work on any equipment used in the manufacturing of our products.

In this role, you are required to support the company in its mission of feeding the world through professionalism, quality products and innovative solutions.  In this role, you will work under the direct supervision of the Shift Leader and Shift Supervisor.  In addition, you will work in cooperation with existing staff, developing the best feed and nutrition program in the industry.

Position Reporting:

This position reports to the Shift Leader and Shift Supervisor

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Complete involvement in the loading and unloading of customer deliveries, ingredients, finished products, or loads as requested
Involvement in the feed mixing and feed processing to meet customer specifications and quality expectations.
Operate forklifts for loading, mixing and warehouse inventory, as needed
Maintain and monitor ingredient and finished feed inventory, participating in monthly inventory activities
Meet production schedule guidelines as needed to fill feed orders
Run and maintain the machines necessary to fill and complete customer feed orders
Follow all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Department of Agriculture regulations, both in the State of Minnesota and Federal guidelines
Maintain and service processing equipment
Communicate with maintenance personnel as necessary to avoid break downs
Maintain a clean work area in areas such as offices, warehouse, receiving and processing areas in addition to the general property
Assist customers as needed with product loading and unloading, if necessary
Report to management or supervision when quality standards are low or not being met
Maintain an attitude that consistently meets company expectations, following directions
Maintain an image that supports professionalism and supports fellow employees and teamwork
Ability to perform other duties as instructed by your supervisor, Plant Manager, or company management

Essential Job Functions:

These represent the minimum requirements to perform in the role of Feed Production.

Ability to lift 50 to 70 lbs.
Ability to bend, stretch, twist and/or reach with your arms and legs
Ability to listen and understand instructions and information and communicate the same
Ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical equations
Ability to exert force to lift, push, pull or carry objects up to the weight lifting requirements
Ability to know your location in relation to the environment
Ability to drive a forklift and understand safety directions and instructions
Ability to use a computer and input data and information
Ability to verbally communicate with others
Ability to handle a light dust environment and average noise levels
Ability to hear sounds that vary in pitch and loudness
Understand and follow all safety procedures and understand safety protocols and recognize hazards

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