April 2019 Cattle Feeding Projections

Posted: April 15, 2019

April 2019 Form-A-Feed cattle projections show some pretty steady numbers compared to last month, it seems most cattle types increased in price according to what the CME live cattle board did as well and thus showing a positive net return.

A few items to note:

  1. Distillers have seemed to rectify themselves amongst talk of a stronger demand with the flooding tragedy in NE.
  2. Holsteins have been selling in certain areas with a $-12.00 basis instead of a $-14.00, however for consistency, the Holstein projections attached are still run with the $-14.00 basis.
  3. Colored heifers, Holsteins and high performing calf feds all seem to be where most of the net margin will come from.
  4. Please keep taking into consideration that feed conversion, high efficiency vs low efficiency type cattle, make all the difference when it comes to profit or loss.
  5. The total Cost of Gain (COG) is highly impacted by feed conversion, please work effectively with your Form-A-Feed Nutrition & Production Specialist to figure ways to continue to lower feed conversion at your feedlot.

Finding ways to continually track your performance at your feed yard will always bring upon ways to better improve cattle performance, and therefore lower COG, improving your net return. These programs allow you to tailor your feed conversions to your yards performance giving you a more realistic vision of what you can spend on certain types of cattle to remain positive at the end of a cattle turn. Form-A-Feed and Performance Livestock Analytics are teamed up to help coach you through ways to better keep track of your operation more efficiently, with less time hand entering data. Be sure to ask us how we can help set you up with the Form-A-Feed Performance Beef program and continue to improve your feedlot performance.

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