Swine Services


Feed Sampling & Commodity Databases

Knowing the exact nutrient composition of your feed ingredients is critical to maximizing profitability and performance. Without this knowledge, nutrients may be over or underfed; resulting in either unnecessary feed expenses or poor performance. Form-A-Feed maintains a commodity database of the nutrient specifications for corn and soybean meal by growing region and crop year. Additionally, an ethanol plant specific database is maintained for dried distiller’s grains. Accounting for regional, seasonal, and manufacturer specific variances in these commodities allows for precise ration balancing and maximum profitability.

Ration Balancing & Feed Budgeting 

Feeding diets with the correct nutrient composition for a given stage of production is a must. Through Form-A-Feed’s very own ration balancing program Results Driven Rations (RDR), our consultants have the ability to formulate mill or producer specific diets with the available feed ingredients. In combination with our commodity databases, RDR can ensure properly balanced rations for all production scenarios.

Profit Analytics

Having a firm grasp of the current and future market conditions for both input costs and revenues is required in today’s volatile commodity markets. Through Form-A-Feed’s custom profit analyzer, Results Driven Solutions (RDS), producers can gain a deeper knowledge of their anticipated costs, revenues, and net profit for a given group of pigs. This allows our customers to capitalize when markets are favorable and to reduce their downside risk when markets become less accommodating. Making informed decisions through the knowledge provided by RDS is a step in the right direction toward greater profitability.

Management Services

Form-A-Feed offers a complete array of swine management services. Management includes weekly or biweekly walk-throughs with special attention to barn ventilation, pig health, and daily pig care. This is accompanied by written reports to the pig owners. Additionally, our experienced staff will provide supervision of management practices including complete and detailed production records, finding and placing pig flows, along with proper and timely marketing of pigs at market-appropriate weights. Form- A-Feed’s management services are the right tool to maximize profitability.


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