Strong Team. Quality Milk: Training Successful Employees

Written by: Mario Solis Flores

As dairy managers and owners it is our responsibility to make sure employees succeed by achieving goals and expectations. Training programs don’t have to be complicated, however when we think about training we do have to outline three main categories depending on the needs of the business and the direction we see it going.

The three areas are training, education and development.

Training: focuses on the needs of an individual holding a position in our operation.

Education: focuses on developing an understanding of our business model, how the business relates to the community and the understanding of the job. This includes how they impact human nutrition.

Development: focuses on recognizing individual skills in employees to grow into current and future positions within our organization.

To make our training efforts simple and effective, we must start in the hiring process.  Think about the profile of the perfect person for each job type and think about those qualities when selecting a new employee. For examples, in a feeder position we must pick an individual who can be careful driving machinery and be able to plan ahead. If we want to pick an individual for a herdsman position, cow sense will be a key characteristic.

For all the positions, attitude is the most important characteristic. The rest are trainable. The wrong attitude can be very detrimental for the rest of the employees and the organization.

Training can be accomplished in two different ways. The first is by conducting meetings where goals, expectations, and explanations of processes are clearly demonstrated. The other way is to schedule hands-on sessions. Educational sessions can be done at the same time as training meetings and development can be done as a future map of where the individuals can advance as they gain more experience through the organization. 

All three areas of training, education, and development are equally important for employing happy, knowledgeable, and dedicated long-term employees.