Strong Team. Quality Milk: Reviewing Hiring Practices

Written by: Mario Solis Flores

The hiring process is the most important aspect in any given company in order to build a strong team. In the majority of dairies, it is one of the main components that can get overlooked. The hiring process is the biggest opportunity to let the new candidate in on what the business is all about, and to communicate core values, beliefs, and commitments. Painting the picture of the business and describing the role the new hire will play within the company will help the new employee engage with the business. 

It is also important at this point to explain in detail compensation, deductions, bonus program (if there is one), benefits, raise frequency, and criteria used to give raises. In the case the business provides housing, you should also explain the value of the house in terms of an hourly wage so the new employee can be fully aware of the benefit.    

Quite often dairy owners/managers have to deal with the same question over and over again.  “When do I get a raise?”  At this point in many cases, the employee is not happy. Unhappiness relates to attitude, attitudes become actions, and actions create poor working performance. If compensation and raise frequency/criteria are determined at the start of employment, the employee will know what to work towards. 

Many farms implement a hiring process once an employee leaves and the owners/managers are forced to find the next person to fill the spot. They will hire the next willing individual, put him/her to work, and the new employee is expected to know and understand everything about the company. This situation creates an unknown work environment for the employee and a very frustrating environment for the owner/manager. Work performance suffers and a high incidence of turnover begins to happen.  It is normal in the dairy industry to experience frequent turnover, however, not having an organized hiring system in place can accentuate this frequent turnover rate to an even higher turnover rate.  This doesn’t have to be true on your farm if you use a set hiring process to thoroughly go over expectations with the new employee before bringing them on the team.   


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