Q: What happens to my application once it is received?

A: All applications will be reviewed by the H.R. Director and the respective manager/supervisor.  If your qualifications meet our desired need you will be contacted for an opportunity to interview for the position.


Q: How long will it be before I receive a response after submitting my application?

A: Typically, you should hear from us within one to two weeks.  If you are selected to go through our pre-employment selection process, you will be called to come in and interview for the position.  If you are not selected for an interview or for the posted position, you should receive an e-mail or letter informing you of this decision. 


Q: What happens to my application after it is submitted? 

A: If not selected for a position, your application will be held in our active file for a total of 60 days, and will be held in our reserve file for two years.  If 60 days or more have passed since you applied, you are welcome to apply again to update your application status.


Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about my application? 

A: You may utilize the “Ask H.R.” tab located under the Career Opportunities tab to post a question about your application.  Please realize that if you have not been contacted within two weeks of submitting your application, you were probably not selected for an interview.